<i>Incredibles #1</i>, <i>Muppet Show #1</i> sell out, second printings planned

BOOM! Studios sent out a press release tonight saying both The Incredibles: Family Matters #1 and The Muppet Show Comic Book #1 have sold out from Diamond Comics. According to the release, "tremendous re-order activity just prior to both comics release ensured a sell out before either comic hit stands this Wednesday."

Second printings of both books should be available by the end of April.

"I've never seen anything like this. Sure, with the current economic climate, we are definitely printing more conservatively than years before, but even so, the velocity of late in the game re-order activity for these books have been totally out of this world," said Chip Mosher, BOOM!'s marketing and sales director, in the release. "Those re-orders ate up all the leftover stock at Diamond and then some. Not in our wildest dreams could we predict that we would effectively be sold out the day before these books hit the stands. Once we saw what was happening, we went into overdrive to get second prints of both books rolling into Diamond."

Earlier today BOOM! announced a newsstand distribution deal with Kable Distribution Services, while yesterday they launched a new website to promote their Disney/Pixar titles under the BOOM! Kids imprint.

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