Incredible Hulk, The Man of Steel, Transformers 2: May 30th Comic Reel Wrap


Mmm, new TV spot on YouTube ...

Actor Tim Roth sat down with CBR News to talk about playing the role of Emil Blonsky in the movie.

CBR News also noted the Hulking out of game show "American Gladiators."

Meanwhile, Wizard Universe has an interview with actor Ty Burrell about being Leonard Samson. "When we meet Samson in the film, he's with Betty, [and so] the relationship between Bruce and Samson already has these high stakes," Burrell said. "I think all the parts in the film are written with a lot of complexity and psychological nuance. That love triangle also gets the same treatment. [Screenwriter/star] Ed Norton doesn't just paint over it with one color. It's really an interesting relationship that lays great groundwork for the future."


Indian outlet Zee News claimed that actress Priyanka Chopra will play the love interest of the Brandon Routh's Superman, playing an "Indian scientist."


We got an email from Anthony Geist noting this link about the production arriving in Bethlehem, PA.


Actress Selma Blair talked to actress Selma Blair, who noted that she probably won't play the Neil Gaiman-inspired character. "I've wanted to play 'Death' for a long time. On the set of the first ['Hellboy'], people would see me and say, 'You have to play Death. Oh my God, you have to do it,'" Blair said. "I didn't know [del Toro] was doing 'Death' at the time. He knew for sure that he'd be teaming up with Neil on that and he said, 'Yeah, you'd be good for Death.' Then it's been crickets. I think he definitely has his eye on someone, and I would know if it were me and it's not me. [Neil and I are] good friends, and that still didn't get me the job."


CBR has a story about the last three episodes of the season, including screen captures.


Den of Geek has an interview with artist Dave Gibbons talking about the adaptation. "The most important thing is that the 'Watchmen' movie be a good movie," Gibbons said. "From what I've seen of it, I think it is going to be a good movie, and I think it's going to be as faithful to the original graphic novel as is possible, given the constraints of a movie and the nature of a graphic novel. I think that as long as it's true to the spirit of the comic book, and as long as -- in broad strokes -- it follows the plot and the characterisations ... I don't think you can ask for every individual detail to be replicated. There are hardcore fans out there who'll be satisfied with nothing less than a word-for-word, line-for-line, scene-for-scene recreation of the comic book. I didn't believe that was ever going to happen. Certainly, from what I've seen of the movie, it looks like it'll be a good movie and very faithful to the comic book. If it isn't, it won't be for want of trying. Everybody's using the graphic novel as their bible, and really doing their best to pay tribute to it, I think."


IGN has a new publicity still from the Lexi Alexander-helmed "requel."


Producer Joel Silver talked to Moviehole about the possibility of a sequel. "Well, there's things they want to do with him," Silver said. "There's as many episodes of this cartoon so there's a lot of ideas, but if we make the sequel maybe that will be in 3-D, but I mean it would have been possible because it was digital to begin with to do it in 3-D and all those shots were rendered so it would have been possible."


Superhero Hype notes that the official score will be released July 15th, three days before the movie will be released.


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