Incredible Hulk, Justice League, Captain Thunder: May 15th Comic Reel Wrap


Hmm, new trailer ...


Actor Adam Brody talked to Shock Till You Drop about how he was almost the fastest man alive. "I probably shouldn't be commenting on this, but who cares?" Brody said. "I don't totally know, I know there was a tax credit thing and I know that the initial writers strike was a hindrance. I know they've got Batman coming out and Singer wants another Superman -- this is only speculation on my part, no inside knowledge on this -- but as a fan I can understand how there's controversy whether to try and build those, or building the franchise together. I think between the tax credit and I think ... I think maybe it'll still happen. I truly don't know any more than you guys do. I know Ryan Reynolds was attached to the Flash for a while, then I got the part and I read on the internet 'Oh, he's no Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds is the only Flash!' If I don't do it and hopefully in a year or two it'll be someone else and they'll get sh*t for not being me and I was the only person who could have ever conceivably been the Flash, it was so obvious."


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky has been cast as the superhero's girlfriend in Maltes Producciones' $30 million project based on Spain's most popular comic book hero, known as "Captian Trueno" in Spanish.


Also from the Hollywood Reporter, season eight might not be the swan song for the hit series. "You would have said several times during its run that the show is just about dead," CW Entertainment president Dawn Ostroff said. "So I would never count it out.

Meanwhile, TV Guide notes that negotiations with actress Allison Mack concluded successfully and she'll be back next season.


Superhero Hype has a sneak peek at a prize springing from their secret viral websites.


Superhero Hype has a new Q&A with voice actor Kevin Conroy talking about mentally getting back into the cowl. "Getting back into the Batman voice was not hard -- after so many years, it's so familiar to me now that it's like putting on an old coat," Conroy said. "As you live with a character over the years, you fill out the skin. You don't even realize you're doing it. Sometimes they ask during a recording session, "What sound would Batman make here?" or 'What would he say here' and they trust me to do that. They know I've been living with him for so long, I know what he'd say, and how he'd react."


The sequel already has a launch date, people are looking forward to more Robert Downey, Jr. in the lead role ... but director Jon Favreau hasn't signed anything, according to Slashfilm. "They haven't offered me anything yet," Favreau said. "They're all talking -- they want to do it, they even announced a date."


There's a possible spoiler in the casting call for the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania shoot.


Director David R. Ellis talked to Shock Till You Drop talking about why he was, and then was not, attached to helm the film. "'Dylan Dog: Dead of Night' is something that I was really passionate about doing," Ellis said. "It's a great comic book -- I don't know if you guys are aware of it -- and I thought it would be an awesome project. I developed it for 8 months with a script. I cast Brandon Routh, but at the time, it was with a company that had financing that fell apart, and then it went through all these things, and finally, it just wasn't going to get made. Then I got offered 'Final Destination' and then Hyde Park, who I had just done 'Asylum' for, picked up 'Dylan Dog' and they got a director and now they're making it with Brandon Routh. Cool project. It could be really good, and I hope it's great for those guys. I wish I could have done it because I spent a lot of time on it. Tawny, my daughter and my producing partner, worked on the script and cast it for eight months, but that's Hollywood, you know? You don't really have a job until you're getting paid."


DBTheMovie.com has another shot of Justin Chatwin as Goku and one of Emily Rossum as Bulma scanned from Weekly Young Jump magazine.


Frank Miller posted a blog at Spike's website chatting up last month's NYCC panel.


If you visit the new viral site Fraternity of Weavers and enter a secret code ("every life hangs by a thread" -- one word per line, use the Tab key to skip to the next line) you'll find the Fraternity Bible and all their secrets revealed. Any of the four corners can be dragged to turn the page.


The Hollywood Reporter has an article about how Marvel's going to beat DC to the punch on getting their big team-up film in theaters.


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