Incredible Hulk, Johnny Dynamite, The Batman: October 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


Like spoilers? Apparently, there's a whole lot of 'em at Latino Review and IESB, so if you wanna stay ignorant of it all, you should not click those links. Superhero Hype also has set photos making Harlem in Canada.


Variety is reporting that TV legend Dick Wolf is teaming with "Disturbia" director D.J. Caruso and writer J.H. Wyman to create a comic book-style drama for television that will use the same green screen technology utilized in "300," basing the work on the Max Allan Collins graphic novel.


Over at Batman: Yesterday, Today and Beyond you can catch images of Count Vertigo and the Green Arrow coming to the animated version of Gotham City.


CBR News has a new Behind the Eclipse feature about the hit NBC series.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "British scribe Steven Moffat is writing DreamWorks' 'Tintin,' the movie trilogy collaboration from Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg that adapts the European comic strip created by Herge."


Right after Film Music Weekly (PDF file) confirmed that Ilan Eshkeri is attached as composer for the Matthew Vaughn's Marvel movie, Eshkeri himself told Score Notes that he's already started working on it. "Well, I'm looking forward to starting work with Matthew on 'Thor,'" Eshkeri said. "The script is really fantastic -- I just got a stack of comic books and I'm currently reading all the early stuff!"


You'll find a full cast list for the animated direct-to-DVD feature at the Toon Zone Forums.


Visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about what to expect from the sequel. "It's a circus, and they're going to raise the tight-wire walker a little bit higher next time," he said. "But it's all going to be dramatic. I think the commitment is not to just chuck out a sequel. The commitment is -- and this makes us really happy here -- that it's a deep story. There are lots of layers to the story of all these Decepticons, everybody. And so they want to really keep the characters rich."


Kryptonsite has posted new promotional images from the October 18th episode "Cure" featuring Dean Cain. Meanwhile, their arch rivals at Devoted to Smallville have new promotional shots of actress Laura Vandervoort as Kara.


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