Incredible Hulk, Heroes, Wanted: March 7th Comic Reel Wrap


Admittedly, it's in Cyrillic, and the file size borders on the "holy crap" side, but there's a new picture of William Hurt in character as Thunderbolt Ross on this Russian website.

We also got an anonymous email (yes, email's back up, we're slowly working our way through the mountain of World of Warcraft Gold spam and inquiries from bored Slovekian housewives -- seriously that stuff comes in the mail all the time) that said, "I heard from a Universal marketing guy that the Incredible Hulk trailer was going to be showing with the 'Doomsday' movie next Friday." So there you have that ...


CBR News has a spoilerish special report on actress Eriko Tamura making a return to the hit NBC series.


CBR News also has screen captures from the new trailer we reported on yesterday.


Kryptonsite has a new gallery of production stills from the March 27th episode, "Veritas."

Superhero Hype apparently talked to actor James Marsters who noted that he's shooting two more episodes for this season and he'd be happy to bring the Brain Interactive Construct back for season eight.


Fans can check out director Guillermo del Toro at the New York Comic Con, according to a story at ICv2.


Have you seen the new poster for the Robert Downey Jr.-fueled Marvel movie? It's over at the IMP Awards website.


Actor Aaron Eckhart gives up all the goodies and spoilers in an interview with Wizard Universe.


Comics2Film has an article on actor Crispin Freeman's work on the new animated series. "It's a lark to do animated voices for super hero shows because you basically get to be a Greek god," Freeman said. "You're running around with your name on your chest. It's fun, it's inspiring, it's enabling. It's just a trip to be the voice of cartoons that I used to watch."


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