Incredible Hulk, Heroes, Thor, Thundercats: June 13th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor William Hurt has joined the cast as General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. Hurt joins two-time Oscar nominee Edward Norton, who is playing Banner, Liv Tyler as Betty and Tim Roth as villain Emil Blonsky/the Abomination. The film is working from a Zak Penn script for Universal Pictures, and starts shooting this summer in Toronto.


The rumor from E! Online is that former "Alias" actor David Anders could be joining the cast of the hit NBC series.


A story in the Los Angeles Times notes that "Layer Cake" director Matthew Vaughan is in talks to bring the Odinson to the silver screen. Astute fans may recall that Vaughan backed out of "X-Men 3" to leave the door open for Brett Ratner to step in, or that he's a producer of Neil Gaiman's "Stardust." Mark Protosevich is credited with the screenplay.


Actors worried about the chafing effects of fur can rest easy -- more news from the Los Angeles Times (noted at Cinematical) notes that the proposed feature film from neophyte screenwriter Paul Sopocy would be an animated affair. So no full size Thundertank, after all ...


Staying in the Toys R Us section of the news for a moment, we've got a report on the PS3 game based on the film right here at CBR, while Superhero Hype discusses the mobile phone roll out.


IF Magazine has some interesting words from producer Alfred Gough about Supergirl and Bizarro for next season. "Our plan is to have [1980s Supergirl actress] Helen [Slater] on the show sometime this season, although when, how and who she would play are still up in the air." Gough also claimed that Bizarro wouldn't be gone as quickly as Zod was.


Sticking with the Distinguished Competition, Superhero Hype spy reports claim that the production is lurking around a rented condo on Wacker as well as filming at the Chicago Theater. So Windy City fans should fire up Mapquest, avoid the Ryan and get us some scoopage!


More about billionaire vigilantes? All right -- Jon Favreau stopped by his MySpace group to note that the film is shooting for a PG-13 rating.


Creator Neil Gaiman was interviewed by Dark Horizons about why he turned down so many stars and Hollywood potentates who wanted to buy the rights. "I didn't feel like anybody was coming to me saying 'I love this book. I love it, this is why I want to make it,'" Gaiman said. "And then I was working with Matthew Vaughn on some other stuff and I'd given him some books of mine to read. And he'd left a copy of 'Stardust' by the bed and his wife, Claudia, at that time was about eight months pregnant and had a broken foot, and she was unable to move and so she'd be reading anything she could find in the home. And she read Stardust and fell in love with it and told Matthew that he had to read it. And he read it and fell in love with it. And at the time he wanted to produce it and we just kept talking about it. He didn't actually make an offer and nothing happened but he just loved it. And about a year later, a few years later, he was meant to have done 'X-Men 3,' walked off 'X-Men 3' a couple of weeks before ... he was meant to start. He said 'I'm not doing this.' He went home and phoned me up and he said 'I really want to do Stardust. Can I do it?'. And I had complete confidence in Matthew. So I said 'Sure.' And actually did something that you're really not meant to do which is I gave him a free option. I trusted him and I trusted his love for the project. I said 'Go out there and see what you can do.'"


In continuing their coverage from a set report, Comics2Film has actor Ioan Gruffudd giving a small idea of what we can expect from the sequel. "Of course there'll be lots of fantastic special effects," Gruffudd said. "Myself stretching and catapulting objects and Sue protecting us with her invisible sphere, Johnny flying and chasing the Silver Surfer and also Ben scaring away bears." Wait a second, bears?


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