Incredible Hulk 2, Watchmen, Heroes: October 24th Comic Reel


Producer Gail Anne Hurd told MTV that Edward Norton's not done going green. "It's all going to depend on the screenplay and where his character goes in any sequel, because he does have a multiple-picture deal," she said. "[Norton's situation] is the same with every franchise like this, when you have one of the top actors of his generation." So he's got some time off? "Next, he's likely to appear in an 'Avengers' movie, but that's completely up to Marvel," she said. "It's wonderful that Marvel now controls so many of their own characters, and they can create a Marvel universe in film and populate it with so many of their characters who naturally exist together. I think an 'Avengers' film is a very exciting prospect."


Want to ask Mark Millar some questions to be answered on the "Wanted" DVD? Head over to Millarworld and fire away.


Here's the new footage shown during the 2008 Spike TV Scream Awards.


Producer Greg Beeman has updated his spoiler-filled blog about last Monday's episode "Dying Of The Light."


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