Incorruptible #1

Sprung from the mind of Mark Waid comes "Incorruptible," a story sharing a universe with Waid's other BOOM! title, "Irredeemable." This is the ground floor of the second tale of the Waid-verse, and it is every bit as engaging as "Irredeemable." The tales are like mirror images of one another: "Irredeemable" follows a hero descending into madness and becoming the greatest villain his world has ever known. Here, Max Damage, one of the most infamous -- perhaps the most infamous -- villain of that same world has a change of heart of his own.

Accompanied by a young "lady" who goes by the less-than-flattering moniker of "Jailbait," Damage sets out to right wrongs. In doing so, we're introduced to people he once considered allies and we see how Damage seeks to construct new alliances. This is a gritty book, filled with violence and passion. These characters make "flawed" seem like a compliment. Yet Waid finds ways to make these characters not only interesting, but compelling.

Diaz's art is solid, detailed, and rugged. The art is detailed, but doesn't lose itself in the details. Similar in content and character to Waid's collaborator on "Irredeemable," Peter Krause, the work here provides a visual link between the two titles. The similarities in style between the two are just shy of being able to be labeled a "house style," but close enough to carry a feeling of being connected to one another.

Waid is at his very best here, building worlds. Peeling back one of the layers in the world of the Plutonian, Waid gives us a new story to enjoy in the form of Max Damage. The link established between the two characters is intriguing, but only just touched on here. Of course, there is more to come between Damage and the Plutonian. To get a little more of an idea as to what Mark Waid might have in store for this title, CBR's own Shaun Manning spent some time with Waid.

Offering testimony to the property, Waid has collected covers for this series from Tim Sale, John Cassaday, Jeffrey Spokes, Rafael Albuquerque, and Tommy Lee Edwards -- and that's just for the first two issues! This is one of those titles people will be talking about on the convention circuit next year, but you don't have to wait that long. Issue #1 is right here, and it gives you everything you need to know to join Max on his journey to begin a new chapter -- no, a new book -- in his life. If you missed out on "Irredeemable," this is your chance to make things right for your own reading sake.

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