Incoming | A roundup of publishing news

It seems like my Google Reader and email box are getting full, so here's a quick roundup of several new and new-ish announcements and information about upcoming comics and graphic novels.

• Marvel has announced plans to finally release the last few issues of The Twelve, starting in January. “It’s taken a long while, but finally, FINALLY, the balance of The Twelve has been completed and we’re ready to ship it all to our long-suffering fans,” said Tom Brevoort, senior vice president and execuitve editor. “We appreciate everybody’s patience, and both hope and expect that the conclusion will live up to the wait. And for folks who missed out the first time, we’re making it easy to get back on board no matter how much or how little of the previous eight issues you may have already read, though the release of the softcover trade paperback of the first six issues, and a Marvel Must-Have containing #7 and #8. So you’ve got no excuse not to experience one of the best reviewed, best beloved and long-awaited series Marvel has ever produced as it reaches its ultimate climax.”

• Fantagraphics has released their publishing catalog for Spring/Summer 2012, which includes their first two EC Comics collections, Gary Panter's Dal Tokyo, more manga from Shimura Takako and Moto Hagio, and new volumes of Peanuts, Mickey Mouse, Carl Barks, Captain Easy, among others. The full catalog is available as a PDF.

• Antony Johnston and Oni Press plan to get the ongoing series Wasteland back on track, starting with issue #33. The issue will cost a $1 and will be the first by new artist Justin Greenwood.

• Dark Horse has announced several stories that will run in future issues of their anthology series Dark Horse Presents. In addition to Brandon Graham's "The Speaker" in issue #7, they've also got Steve Horton and Michael Dialynas' "Amala’s Blade" in issue #9 and and "Buddy Cops" by Nate Cosby, Evan Shaner and Rus Wooton also in #9. And Fabio Moon reminds us he has a story in this month's issue, #6.

Weird Fishes creator Jamaica Dyer shares preview artwork for her upcoming graphic novel Fox Head Stew.

• Both writer Jamie S. Rich and artist Dan Christensen tease a new project they're working on for Oni Press.

• Artist Joe Infurnari says that the graphic novel he's been working on with Boaz Yakin, Marathon, is now complete. It's due from First Second in June 2012 and tells the story of the first Greco-Persian war at Marathon.

• In pointing out that the last issue of Dogs of Mars is out on comiXology, Paul Maybury notes that he is "currently remastering the colors and redrawing a lot of panels in preparation for the collected version which will see print next year."

• Speaking of Maybury, he also shares the exclusive variant cover he did for Unite and Take Over: Stories Inspired by the Songs of the Smiths. Meanwhile, Jennifer de Guzman says that she has been asked to contribute to a second volume of the anthology.

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