<i>Incognito</i> Adaptation Is 'Full Steam Ahead,' <i>Sleeper</i> Still In Bed

The adaptations of Ed Brubaker's comic books Incognito and Sleeper are in different stages of development: while the former is thriving, Brubaker claims he's out of the loop on the latter.

In an interview with Splash Page, Brubaker said that Incognito is "full-steam ahead so far. We're expecting a draft in the next couple of weeks. [Screenwriter Robert Schenkkan] just went off on a research trip to scout some locations for the big finale."

Brubaker added that from what he's heard, Incognito will be incredibly faithful to the source material.

"[Schenkkan] said after they had their big beat-by-beat meeting that he'd never had a studio that wanted to be more faithful to the source material, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear that," said the comic book writer. "I was expecting for it go the other direction, because you never know what you'll get. So far, everybody involved in the production is really excited about it and into the source material."

But Brubaker apparently knows less about the Sleeper adaptation, which was previously set up with names like Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi attached.

"I'm pretty out of the loop on that stuff right now," said Brubaker. "I've been focusing more on the Incognito movie. I was going to check in with the producers on Sleeper sometime soon, because November is like the last active month in Hollywood."

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