Incognegro Trailer Marks Acclaimed Racial Drama's Dark Horse Debut

Incognegro returns this month, this time at Dark Horse Comics' Berger Books imprint, headed up by vastly influential former Vertigo editor Karen Berger. To commemorate both the new edition of the 2008 original and the new prequel miniseries Incognegro: Renaissance, Dark Horse has produced a trailer for both comics by writer Mat Johnson and artist Warren Pleece, and CBR has the first look.

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The original Incognegro: A Graphic Mystery was released by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint a decade ago to critical acclaim. It tells the story of Zane Pinchback, a 1930s reporter who investigates lynchings undercover, due to the fact that he is light-skinned enough to pass for white. Berger Books' new version will include "a new afterword by Mat Johnson, enhanced toned art and other additional material."

Incognegro: Renaissance is a five-issue series that takes place 20 years before the original, and tells the early days of Zane's reporting career.

"I think we often think of identity as being static, immutable," Johnson told CBR in an interview last month. "I’m interested in the ways that’s false. The places where our notions of the solidity of identity become unsettled."

"Incognegro wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Karen [Berger] and her time at Vertigo and she’s played an integral part in getting the book back out again where it belongs," Pleece told CBR of the move to Berger Books. "She’s also a brilliant editor, and I think we’re all very lucky that she’s back to producing new comics!"

Both Incognegro: Renaissance #1 and the new edition of Incognegro are scheduled for release on Feb. 7.

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