Incarnate #3

Story by
Art by
Nick Simmons, Matt Dalton
Colors by
Dami Digital
Letters by
Rob Steen
Cover by
Radical Comics

Mot is down for the count, with Ripley and his followers moving in. Sibyl is helpless. With eyes full of dark intent, Ripley utters the words, "Break his bones, and take him with us. Do what you want with the girl." Meanwhile, Connor isn't doing much better against Dorian, the grotesque, chimeric Revenant with a cannibalistic hunger. With Connor lacking the ability to transform his body, how will he manage to defeat, or even get close to the multi-limbed monstrosity that is Dorian? Will Ripley manage to convert Mot to his cause, or will his followers convince him to kill Mot at long last? And what of the mysterious masked Grynn, whose careful words orchestrated this chaos in the first place?

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