Inaugural Cool Point Scavenger Hunt

I just remembered to update my cool point rankings (which you can see on the sidebar), and it occurred to me that a cool idea would be to do something where folks would have a chance to earn cool points - hence, the inaugural cool point scavenger hunt!!


Remember, these are all first come, first awarded!

One cool point to anyone who has a copy of Blackhawk #242 or House of Mystery #179 and/or 180 that they have handy.

Three cool points to anyone who could send me a jpeg (or gif) of Dave Cockrum's designs for Black Cat and Tempest.

One cool point to anyone who can show me an instance of the term "Dark Knight" being used to refer to Batman that is OLDER than Detective Comics #40.

Two cool points to anyone who can find me a comic before 1980 where the covers of the comics combine to form a bigger image (either a triptych or a diptych).

One cool point to anyone who can tell me the last time Steve Englehart wrote a comic featuring Captain America (and not counting flashbacks).

A whopping five cool points to anyone who can give me a copy of an interview where Chris Claremont (or, I suppose, in the alternative, Ann Nocenti, speaking about Claremont) details his original plans for Uncanny X-Men post #200.

That's all for now!

As of today, Omar Karindu is the cool point leader! Will he be the leader tomorrow?!

Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command #4

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