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What The Cel: The 15 Most Inappropriate Scenes In DC Animated Movies

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What The Cel: The 15 Most Inappropriate Scenes In DC Animated Movies

Did you think cartoons were just for kids? You’re definitely wrong. Animation allows filmmakers to expand their stories and visuals on a much larger scale than live action might allow. They can adapt the wilder stories from comics that could be restrained in a live action setting. We’re yet to see Apokolips and Darkseid in live action, but we’ve already seen the pair in animated movies and TV series. DC Comics have some of the craziest stories around, but what happens when those stories push into adult territory?

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Because this is animation, it could be mistaken for a children’s film, when really these stories deal with heavy themes of an adult nature. But isn’t that what makes them better and sets them apart from the cartoons we all grew up with? Adding in the extra violence, the blood and yes, the relationships can help set a cartoon and an animated movie apart. Trust us, the majority of DC’s animated movies are more suited to teenagers and adults rather than children without a doubt. Don’t get us wrong, they don’t push them so far that they’re X-rated, but it’s quite clear why some of these films are R-rated. Here are 15 inappropriate moments in DC animated movies.


harley deadshot

Harley Quinn is a wild card, and during Assault On Arkham she shows that she’s out for fun now that she’s not with The Joker anymore. And when Deadshot returns back to his room prepared by The Penguin, he finds that he’s not alone for the night. A very naked Harley is in his bed after some fun.

And although at first Deadshot tries to flip her over and get some sleep, he decides “What the hell…” and the pair tumble around the room. Quite literally. Harley wraps her legs around the assassin and sends the pair flying off the side of the bed. No quiet romantic evening for these two, it seems that Harley likes her activities a bit more rough. Especially when she shouts Yahtzee! Wonder how Mister J feels about that?


dark knight returns catwoman animated

During The Dark Knight Returns, The Joker returns to consciousness after being in a coma since Batman retired. He begins a new reign of terror over Gotham when Bruce returns to the cape and cowl. Part of his plot involves brainwashing a politician into calling for a nuclear strike using one of Selina Kyle’s escorts.

But when Batman rushes to find Selina and make sure that she’s okay, he discovers that The Joker has undressed the ex-villain and tied her up. Instead making the older Catwoman dress in a revealing Wonder Woman outfit that isn’t particularly flattering. It just shows how much The Joker enjoys degrading people as part of his villainy. Luckily Bruce saves his old flame, making sure that The Joker hasn’t physically harmed her.


Steve trevor wonder woman

This version of Steve isn’t quite as noble as Chris Pine during the recent live action movie. In 2009, Nathan Fillion voiced Steve in the animated Wonder Woman movie. After he crashed on Themiscyra and returns home, he tries to integrate Diana into society, attempting to find out what she thinks of man’s world. Unfortunately, he tries to get her drunk.

And after many shots of tequila, Diana is still sober and Steve is undoubtedly drunk. He can barely sit up straight let alone turn on his charm. He even makes a move on her, but she passes him off and lets him fall to the floor. Angrily, she tells him she naively thought he wouldn’t try and seduce her — even calling him a pathetic lightweight. She’s got a point.


starfire nightwing animated

Or, so we’ve heard. Over the course of Nightwing’s appearances in DC’s new animated movies we’ve come to learn that he’s in a long term relationship with his fellow Titan, Starfire. And in The Judas Contract, we begin to see the pair taking the next steps in their relationship. Including Starfire bragging about how good Nightwing is in bed. Oops.

The hero beats Nightwing in a training session in front of the rest of the Titans, and the younger heroes all find it pretty amusing. Especially when she mentions that he “lasted longer this time”. She then clarifies that he’s very proficient when they’re in bed together, just as Nightwing stops her from saying anymore in front of the team. You two might want to keep those details to yourselves.


batwoman animated

During Batman: Bad Blood, Kathy Kane takes up her own vigilante role in the film to help combat Batman’s absence. She becomes Batwoman and starts working with Dick Grayson to discover where Bruce has disappeared to. When she begins their partnership, she explains that Batman saved her from an attack and it inspired her to take justice into her own hands.

But it’s what she says first that is more surprising. She tells Dick that before her vigilantism, Kathy was kicked out of the military. She dropped into a downward spiral of casual relationships and drugs. She’s telling Dick that her promiscuity and drug taking really pushed her into the wrong direction. But because of that, when walking home after a night drinking, Batman saves her from some muggers. And she becomes Batwoman soon after.


Nightwing harley2

Batman and Harley Quinn raised a few questions when Harley’s way with others was used throughout the film quite a lot. Specifically with Nightwing. After Dick Grayson tracks her down, she fights him off and knocks him out. When he wakes up, he’s tied to the bed and Harley’s in front of him getting changed.

The young Grayson can’t help himself and watches Quinn as she takes off her outfit from the ‘Superbabes’ bar that she worked at. The costume for the bar was already quite revealing, but Nightwing got the full show. Something that the filmmakers didn’t shy away from, showing the audience Harley bent over in front of the young hero. They were just asking for trouble really. Safe to say, Nightwing gets over excited at what he’s seeing.



The Killing Joke returned to stir up controversy one more time when it received an animated adaptation starring Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. But a large portion of the film focused on Barbara, so that when that tragic moment happens, the audience feel the full emotional weight of it.

The Joker shoots Barbara through the stomach and takes off all of her clothes. He then takes photos of her to use later on. It’s implied that he assaulted her further, but it’s not revealed if he did or not. It’s incredibly invasive and very disturbing considering that Batgirl is one of the most popular members of the Bat-family. Many fans were outraged that the adaptation went ahead, knowing the controversial subject matter. It just shows how depraved The Joker can be.


killer frost animated

The Riddler has a thumb drive hidden in his cane stashed in Arkham Asylum, Amanda Waller wants it — cue the Suicide Squad. They’re sent in to recover the thumb drive, but obviously the most secure prison/insane asylum isn’t exactly easy to get into. Luckily, they figure out a unique way of getting some of the members inside.

Killer Frost uses her extremely low body temperature as an advantage and pretends to be dead. This also means that she’s naked, giving the Asylum worker assessing the body a shock when he unzips the body bag. It’s an interesting way of using her powers in the mission, and it’s certainly successful. Even if she has to let Captain Boomerang see everything in the process. She does get her payback by punching him right where it hurts though.


starfire robin animated

During “The Judas Contract”, the film shows us the first time that Starfire meets the Teen Titans when Dick Grayson still had the Robin mantle. Alongside Bumblebee, Red Arrow, Kid Flash and Beast Boy, the team fought off soldiers from Starfire’s homeworld as they attempted to overthrow the ruling power. Obviously, this included Starfire herself.

Because she’s an alien and doesn’t understand any of our languages, she decides that she needs to learn. So before they’ve even had a proper introduction, Starfire passionately kisses Robin whilst straddling him, saying that kissing is how her people learn language. Kid Flash and Red Arrow mention that they know some other languages too, if it helps? But it seems like Koriand’r only has eyes for Nightwing from then on.


bruno dark knight returns

The Dark Knight Returns is hailed as one of the best comic books of all time. The animated movie adaptation is also quite entertaining, but there are some moments that feel a little odd in animation. One such moment is a fight that Carrie Kelly has with Bruno. Bruno is a very tall, stocky woman who doesn’t wear anything on her top half. She leaves her swastika covered breasts out for the world to see.

A pretty obvious statement of her beliefs. If you didn’t know she was a villain yet, she tries to murder Robin throughout their fight in a whole host of brutal fighting styles and gunshots. It’s just bizarre to watch Robin fight a bare chested woman with huge red swastikas on display. Oh well.


batman and harley quinn animated

When Batman and Nightwing have to track down Poison Ivy during Batman and Harley Quinn, the pair decide to hunt for Harleen Quinzel to see if she can help find her old friend. Nightwing somehow ends up in a bar called ‘Superbabes’, where the waitresses are dressed in extremely revealing superhero outfits. Talk about trashy.

One of the waitresses happens to be Harley, dressed in a tight red and black costume, hiding in plain sight. When she takes an order to a table of men, one of them thinks it’s appropriate to touch her without consent, and learns his lesson when she breaks his arm because of it. She did warn him that he’d lose the hand if he tried to touch her, so it’s his own fault. Also, just don’t do it. Ever.


Deathstroke Terra Judas Contract

The Judas Contract takes one of the most famous Teen Titans stories and updates it to fit the DC Animated Universe. It sees a new member join the team, Terra, who is actually spying on them for the assassin Deathstroke. But their relationship is actually a lot more adult than you might expect.

The pair are sleeping together, with Terra thinking this means their relationship is serious and that he’ll look after her. But she looks like a teenager, and Slade is an older man. In the film we see her seducing Slade in a pink nightdress. It pushes a few boundaries. Well, their relationship backfires completely by the end of the film. She ends up trying to kill him after he tried to kill her. Awkward.


aquaman mera

The Flashpoint Paradox is one of the best DC animated movies yet and it’s also one of the best storylines in recent history. Because Barry went back in time and stopped his mother’s murder, the world was radically changed. When Barry wakes up, Atlantis and Themiscyra are locked in a vicious war. The former team mates were now out for blood.

And all because Aquaman and Wonder Woman had an affair. Mera walked in the pair during an intimate moment, and later approached Diana. The two fought, ending with Wonder Woman beheading Aquaman’s wife. The two lovers would come to blows, and Mera’s death ignited a violent war that engulfed the world. If only Aquaman had just been content with one wife instead of pursuing Diana, the world could have been fine.


nightwing harley quinn

So after Harley had tied up NIghtwing in her apartment and he watched her get changed, she notices that he’s a bit excited. She takes complete advantage of the situation, and seduces the young hero. Although at first, Nightwing really wasn’t into the idea. It raised some controversy with fans, as they thought it seemed quite non-consensual.

But when Batman comes to Harley’s apartment, he finds that the pair are having a lot of fun together when he listens at the door. He bursts in to find Harley and Nightwing tickling each other. And although it’s sort of ambiguous what the pair actually did together, it’s heavily implied just by the nature of the scene. We’ll leave it to your imagination what went on in that room.



Oh, Bruce. You really caused yourself some problems with this one. Towards the start of the film, Batman doesn’t think that Batgirl is capable enough of being a vigilante after having to step in for her during a fight. Understandably, the young hero becomes particularly annoyed by this, striving to prove the dark knight wrong.

But when she confronts him about it, the two end up embracing on a rooftop with Batgirl on top of Batman. They quickly strip off and share ummm a moment. Nevermind the moral issues of the situation, are they not worried that someone in a skyscraper might spot the two heroes unmasking and find out who they are? But the more important issue here is that Bruce is obviously implied to be a much older man than Batgirl at this point and it really crosses some boundaries.

Which of these scenes was the most inappropriate? Let us know in the comments!

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