In this Hulkbuster highchair, a little Avenger can face any threat

Tony Star can don Hulkbuster armor to go toe to toe with the Incredible Hulk, but what defense do baby nerds have against other green threats, like pureed peas and Brussels sprouts? If you're this lucky little girl, you have a Hulkbuster highchair.

It's of course the work of Tim Baker Creations, which we've previously spotlighted for the Groot swing and Batmobile stroller. Presented by Super-Fan Builds to Iron Man devotee Natasha Vineyard and her daughter Amelia, the Hulkbuster is made from a high chair reinforced with a steel frame, and sculpted foam.

The chest opens to sit the baby inside, and even boasts a light-up arc reactor. As you can see from the video, it's a hit with both Natasha and Amelia.

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