In this Gundam minivan, you'll be the coolest parent in the galaxy

We've already seen the Gundam-inspired Zeonic Toyota, but there's another, even cooler vehicle that takes its cues from Char Aznable. Well, as cool as a minivan can be, at least.

It's a custom Nissan Elgrand displayed earlier this month at an auto show in Osaka, Japan. Dubbed the Char's MS-06S Zaku (at least I think), the red-and-black van appears ready for battle, or maybe that trip to the grocery store.

Equipped with a mounted gun at the sun roof, manned by Char himself, with a bazooka strapped to the back, this Elgrand can withstand even the most grueling carpools to school and soccer practice. And if any of the other drivers give you trouble, you can always call on that pair of Zaku II mobile suits.

(via Auto Evolution)

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