In this 'Batman: The Animated Series' cowl, you too can be the night

Despite the place Batman: The Animated Series holds in the hearts of a generation of fans, I can't recall seeing much cosplay inspired by the Dark Knight's costume from the cartoon classic. Catwoman and Harley Quinn, sure. But Batman? Maybe the grittiness of Christopher Nolan's trilogy or the campiness of the 1960s TV series hold more appeal. Or perhaps it's simply that the cowl is tough to get just right.

If it's the latter, then Tiger Stone FX may have the solution with this handmade Batman: The Animated Series cowl, complete with signature curved "ears" and white eyes (also known as craft foam).


Made from black urethane rubber, the cowl is available in different colors (although you'll undoubtedly want black or blue) for $233.25.

However, if you're not in the market for the BTAS mask, Tiger Stone FX can take care of other bat-needs, with cowls based on Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, the 1989 Batman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Plus, there are Nightwing and Red Hood emblems, utility belts and more.

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