In 'The Walking Bread,' even the survivors are toast

As a fan of both bread and AMC's The Walking Dead -- the series lost me last season, but drew me back with the second half of this one -- I'm sorry that I didn't stumble across this project by Mark Nathan Willetts sooner: In "The Walking Bread," the Nottingham, England, artist recreates scenes from the hit television drama using "everyday slices of bread, whilst jam, cocktail sticks and a few other buffet-related items," plus some dramatic lighting.

And so we're treated to Willett's interpretation of such scenes as the first appearance of Michonne in the Season 2 finale, Carl's narrow escape from the mud-mired walker in "Judge, Jury, Executioner," and The Governor's quiet moment with his "trophies."

"Each scene varied in difficulty, with the main challenge being posing the characters without them breaking apart," Willetts told Citizen Brooklyn. "Another particular challenge was getting the placement and lighting right. For instance, the scene mimicking the Governor sitting in his chair watching the heads was easiest to produce taking about thirty minutes, but getting the background and lighting right took five hours."

Check out some of "The Walking Bread" below, and even more on Willettts' Facebook gallery.

(via MoviePilot)

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