In the footsteps of Tintin

The Guardian's Georgia Brown takes a tour of Jordan that is explicitly designed to mirror Tintin's travels in The Red Sea Sharks:

I was jolted back to the present when our driver suddenly pulled up and started animatedly talking to a group of Bedouin riders blocking the road. I half-imagined we had stumbled into a misadventure. But this was part of our planned adventure - these were our mounts for the next two hours as we recreated Tintin's escape over the Heisha Mountains en route to Wadi Musa. We donned our own red and white keffiyehs – a playful nod to TT – before setting off along the dusty track, leaving the highway behind.

The tour was led by noted Tintinologist Michael Farr and included a visit to the ancient city of Petra as well as some sidelights on Tintin and his creator, Hergé.

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