In the '80s, even comic book villains were releasing albums

Doctor Doom has been living like a rock star since his creation in the early 1960s, and now artist Rocky Davies has given the Latverian dictator the album cover to match. In a new series of illustrations, Davies has depicted familiar comic villains Doctor Doom, the Joker and Shredder in the the style of 1980s album covers.

"I decided to make a fake 1980's Dr. Doom LP record album cover. Yeah, its pretty much 'just because I could.' Haha," Davies wrote on his deviantART page. "I thought it would be fun to try and replicate the old 80's art feel. They had all this shiny airbrush chrome and junk. You know, like Doom tried to do some good PR and produce an upbeat pop album. It has hits like 'Latveria, Why Latveria?' and 'Doom Done Did It Again' and 'Four Coffins' and 'Chrome Dome.' Personally I like the album's namesake 'Deal With It.'"

Davies' three illustrations -- and a bonus fourth using the alien from Alien -- set the mind afire imagining these villains belting out '80s classics.

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