In Sweden, there's a Predator-themed house -- and it's for sale

Many of us have visited a friend's apartment, or toured a house on the market, only to discover that what at first seemed perfectly "normal" turned out to be a little strange. Maybe it was a bathroom painted blood red, or a guest room that revealed a little too much about a co-worker's nighttime activities.  Whatever it was, it probably doesn't compare to this.

An imgur user discovered a listing for a villa for sale in Kalmar, Sweden, that, at first glance, appears quaint -- picturesque, even. However, the closer you look, and the farther you go, the more unusual it is, with Predator heads mounted on the dining room wall (where would you put them?) giving way to a life-size Predator statues, even more hunting trophies and an ornate door that opens into ... well, a cave (and home theater), with weapons and even more heads mounted on stone-like walls.

The attic also boasts a spacious, futuristic-looking music room/lounge, complete with disco balls. Because there's no better antidote for a stressful day of hunting than a night of dancing. And it can be yours for 2,375,000 Krona (or about $320,000 U.S.).

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