In 'Monopoly: Attack on Titan,' do not pass Go (and do not get eaten)

The fate of humanity, so say nothing of the property formerly known as Boardwalk, rests in your hands in the upcoming "Attack on Titan"-themed edition of "Monopoly."

Produced by USAopoly, the company behind "Clue: Game of Thrones" and "Risk: Marvel Cinematic Universe," this version of the 113-year-old board game isn't about accumulating wealth and property, and bankrupting your annoyed siblings. Oh, no, here the stakes are survival. And, OK, maybe accumulating wealth.

Here the goal is for players to build walls and gates, and assemble an elite squad to stomp out the Titan threat. To that end, the traditional properties and utilities are replaced by characters, banners and events from the hit manga and anime. Instead of houses and hotels, you have custom wall sections and gates, and instead of Community Chest and Chance, you draw Command and Tactics.

The four corners -- Go, Jail, Free Parking and Go to Jail -- remain the same, but traditional playing tokens like the wheelbarrow, battleship, boot and dog have given way to sword, key necklace, supply wagon, cannon, flare gun and Omni-Direction Mobility Gear. Because what use would a Scottish Terrier be against a flesh-eating giant?

"Monopoly: Attack on Titan" will be available for $40 beginning next month.

(via Fandom Post)

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