In Maps and Legends returns from Zuda limbo

Mike Jasper and Niki Smith won the November 2009 Zuda competition with their comic In Maps and Legends, and the comic started running there in May, but it came to an abrupt end when the site was shut down in July. But it's coming back! Jasper and Smith will relaunch In Maps and Legends on a variety of different platforms on September 1, and more are coming.

All the details are here, but briefly, the comic will be available as a downloadable PDF from several distributors as well as on Kindle, and a dedicated website will go live on Sept. 1.

They are currently negotiating with ComiXology, Robot Comics (distributors for Droid phones), Graphic.ly, and Wowio, which covers a lot of bases. It sounds like a complicated process, but good for them for making their comic available on every possible platform—it will be interesting to see which one works the best for them.

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