In brightest day, in blackest night ... in a wrestling ring do Lanterns unite?!

Comics and wrestling are no stranger to one another, but a recent promotion by WWE shows just how deep comics run inside America's premiere wrestling company. Today on WWE.com, the company posted a feature called "WWE Lanterns: Superstar Spectrum".  This unprecedented cross-over is something unique.

""Everyone, especially the WWE universe, is going green these days with the blockbuster film reelease of "Green Lantern", based on DC Comics' iconic power ring slinging character," says WWE.com. "But Green Lantern isn't alone int he galaxy; Featuring different emotions that fuel their individual abilities, there are nine distinctly hued Lantern Corps in comics lore."

It goes on to classify some of WWE's top wrestlers superstars in the nine branches of the color-coded Lantern Corps. The most popular Green Lantern Corps of the WWE is comprised of top star John Cena along with the Miz, Big Show, Kofi Kingson, Beth Phoenix and Hornswoggle. Take your time to click through all the links to see where each character ends up; pay specific attention to the Black Lanterns, lead by the Undertaker but also featuring hilarious black-eyed superstars surrounding him.

No sign of former WWE superstar Shane "Hurricane" Helms on the chart, despite him having a Green Lantern tattoo.

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