In a medieval manuscript, Yoda is

Although Yoda and Obi-Wan were quick to realize in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones that someone had erased a planet from the Jedi Archives, they apparently neglected to notice something was amiss with a 14th-century manuscript.

Right there, in the Smithfield Decretals, is a figure that looks an awful lot like a certain Jedi Grand Master. Somebody took a wrong turn at Dagobah and ended up in southern France.

"I'd love to say that it really was Yoda, or was drawn by a medieval time traveler," Julian Harrison, a curator at the British Library, confesses to NPR. "It's actually an illustration to the Biblical story of Samson — the artist clearly had a vivid imagination!"

Harrison, curator of pre-1600 historical manuscripts, operates the library's always-fascinating Medieval Manuscripts Blog, which last year showcased several works that could be considered very early comic strips.

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