'Impulse' stopped cold, title cancelled

Rumors of title cancellations have been running rampant on the Internet these past few weeks. Over at Marvel "Spider-Girl" was to be cancelled until a last minute reprieve saved the book for at least another year. But the same luck afforded "Spider-Girl" doesn't seem to be making its way over to DC's favorite teen speedster.

DC Comics has confirmed for CBR News today that "Impulse" has been cacelled. Rumors about the titles cancellation have been ongoing for quite some time, more than three years in fact, but this time it's definite. Issue #89 will be the last one for Bart Allen in his solo-series. Of course fans of Bart can still find him in DC's teen super-hero group title "Young Justice."

Over on the Tellos.com Message board series writer Todd DeZago left a tearful message for fans of the book and shared a bit of history regarding his time on the title.

"Yes, sadly, 'Impulse' has been cancelled," DeZago posted to his forum. "After seven plus years of (what was s'posed to be) fast-paced fun, DC has decided that the sales on the book just aren't cutting it. Truly, the book has been in jeopardy ever since I took over as regular Writer back at issue 50 - at least that's what I'd always been told.

"I am, of course, very disappointed by this decision, especially since I feel that I never really had the chance to tell the stories I wanted to tell with everybody's favorite little Speedster. When I first came on the book I was promised that I would be able to have fun with 'Impulse,' turning the book into the upside down superhero sitcom that Mark [Waid] had originally created it to be. Before I could write my first issue, however, a new Editor was assigned to 'Impulse' and it quickly became apparent to me that, while I had wanted to do a humor book about a superhero, DC Editorial saw 'Impulse' more as (yet another) superhero book with a little humor. Limited to that format, I feel that we never really had a chance to take 'Impulse' to the level of fun that I feel would've given the book that uniqueness a comic needs to survive in this current market.

"Not to dis current Editor, Joey Cavalieri, in any way! Joey actually made the book fun to work on again when my enthusiasm was beginning to flag (as I realized that 'Impulse' was relegated to be 'just another superhero book'...) and ran defense for me MANY times when I tried to insert some humor here and there. Both [artist Carlo Barberi] and I really appreciate everything he's done and it's actually been because of Joey that we've gotten away with what few gags we got in there! He fought for us too, (sadly, without success), when we were forced to give 'Impulse' new powers, then magical powers, and to have Bart and Carol kiss.

"Sadly, though, I think the real obstacle we faced was the constant cross-overs and events thrust on us by DC Editorial. Trying to maintain some sort of storyline, sub-plot, character development, etc. when we are forced to participate in yet another event every third month (four in 2001!!!), is a truly insurmountable task. Painted into corners like that, it has forced me to leave loose ends in this series that I fear I cannot resolve in the two issues I have left to me.

"The saddest part of all though is that I will really miss Impulse. I have always had a special place in my heart for the little guy and, though not what I'd have liked to have done, I've enjoyed a few of the stories we've done together. And Carlo and I have become fast friends because of our fast friend, so there's that!

For fans who think starting a writing campaign might save the title, DeZago doesn't think it will do much good.

"People have been writing to me, asking what they can do to save the book, and the truth is, this time I think it's really too late. Peter [David] will take care of our boy over in the pages of 'Young Justice.' What you can do to save future favorites headed for the chopping block is to stop buying these huge company wide cross-overs, these events for events sake whose sales encourage the company to do more. Look for good stories. BUY good stories. And tell all your friends about good stories. The old term 'Marvel Zombie' applies to us all these days and we are all easily convinced that we've 'gotta get 'em all!' Support good stuff. Don't buy stuff that you've been conditioned to buy. And take a second, right now, for me, and ask yourself, honestly, 'Do I do this? Have I been conditioned?' Do you really like everything you buy?"

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