"Impossible Tales" Becomes A Reality

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Official Press Release

NEW JERSEY - After Hours Press announces "IMPOSSIBLE TALES," a newcomic book series that mixes sci-fi, adventure, and mythology in ahigh-energy action series.

Written by Valiant Comics alumni Darren Sanchez (Celestial Alliance,Armorines) and new talent Hassan Godwin, the first story arc hits thestands August 9, 2006. Interior art is by Michael Harris and colorsare by the amazing David Brame. Marvel Comics fans will recognizedcovers by Juan Doe, who is known for "X-Men: The 198" & "X-Men: CivilWar."

All Impossible Tales stories will be told in two-issue arcs. In thefirst story a young genius from the future becomes a fugitive in timewhen he discovers the secret to TIME TRAVEL. In the race for his lifehe accidentally strands himself -- along with a luxury cruise ship andcrew -- 65 million years back in time! Stuck on the lethal CretaceousOcean with his time device fried, our science hero must figure out howto get himself and the terrified crew of the Orca II, back home alive.LOST meets JURASSIC PARK in this adventure.

"If you liked Back to the Future, or Planet of the Apes, then you willlove this book. It's serious and realistic sci-fi stuff told with ahumorous feel. And the hero, Ray Wells, is a character that I couldwrite dozens of stories around," says Darren Sanchez, creator andPublisher of After Hours Press. "The look of the book came out betterthan I could have hoped. The pencils are clean and sharp, and thecolors have a Monet-like water color look that I've never seen beforein a comic. It's impressive for new, unpublished artists to have donesuch a professional job. And it's a look that you've never seenbefore."

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