17 Marvel Characters Who Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Still Pulled Off)

Comic book conventions would be nothing without the amazing cosplayers who complete the atmosphere with their innovative and mind-blowing costumes. Of course, there are many comic book characters who aren't all that difficult to cosplay and you will probably spot a lot of those at a convention. On the other hand, some characters are notoriously difficult to cosplay and most people consider them to even be impossible to cosplay. Marvel has a bunch of weird-looking characters, some of which we have even had the chance to see on the big screen. But it's not only the weird characters that are hard to cosplay, it's also the characters who have high-tech suits or fire-related powers. Just to name a few.

But just because something is challenging it doesn't necessarily mean it's impossible. Talented, skillful and creative cosplayers don't back down from a challenge and they have made some pretty amazing cosplays of Marvel characters that are arguably impossible to cosplay. By investing a lot time and money and working very hard on their costumes, these cosplayers have managed to to the impossible. So, without further ado, here are the 17 Marvel characters who are impossible to cosplay, but fans still managed to pull off.

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Joyner Studio_Apocalypse
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Joyner Studio_Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse was heavily criticized for a number of different reasons, including Apocalypse’s underwhelming appearance. Fans have created countless memes comparing the movie Apocalypse to cosplayers and pointing out that cosplayers did a much better job. Well, this is the cosplayer from the memes.

This incredible Apocalypse cosplay was a group effort -- Lee Joyner sculpted the makeup and designed the costume, the armor was built by Walter Welsh, Kelton Ching and Courtney Vanderpool, while the man underneath it all is cosplayer Mick Ignis. These guys truly didn’t spare any expense on their Apocalypse costume. Making such a bulky character look believable is a daunting challenge, one that the movies failed, but cosplayers most certainly did not. Perhaps Fox should have hired these guys to design their Apocalypse.


Tom Extreme Costumes_Hulkbuster

Building a regular Iron Man suit is hard enough, but building a Hulkbuster armor must be a far more demanding challenge. However, when you’re known as the Extreme Costumes guy and you’ve spent more than 19 years building extreme costumes, no challenge is impossible. Tom DePetrillo is constantly inspired by cool armors he sees in comics, movies and anime and Iron Man is one of them.

Standing tall at impressive nine feet, the Iron Man Hulkbuster armor is the largest armor Tom has ever built. But apart from looking incredibly cool and having a very detailed design, Tom’s Iron Man Hulkbuster armor is also fully functional. While attending the 2015 New York Comic Con, Tom in his Hulkbuster armor was the main attraction for tones of fans attending the convention.


Sinistur_Alex Brenot_Venom

With Sony releasing the Venom movie in 2018, this Spidey villain has once again found himself in the spotlight. The character's previous big screen appearance in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 didn't get the best reviews from the critics or the fans. However, with Tom Hardy now tackling the part of Eddie Brock, Sony's movie might have a chance at success. However, until Venom finally hits the theaters, we have amazing cosplayers to fill the void.

Although Venom is by no means an easy character to cosplay, people still manage to make some pretty amazing costumes. Cosplayer Alex Brenot, who goes by Sinistur, is the biggest fan of Symbiotes ever. Alex dedicates his time and energy to create the most incredible Symbiote costumes, such as this awesome Venom cosplay.


Jesse Wellens_Silver Surfer

Remember the PrankvVsPrank channel and that couple who played pranks on each other? Jesse and Jeana were quite popular for years, until they decided to go their separate ways and Jesse became the sole prankster on the channel. However, it turns out Jesse has more to offer than just pranks.

In 2016, Jesse Wellens decided to become Silver Surfer for Halloween and surf the streets of New York, which is documented in one of his YouTube videos and looks pretty amazing. Not only is it quite challenging to successfully pull of a costume such as Silver Surfer, but on top of that this guy mounted his surfboard on a skateboard and entertained tones of people who were visibly impressed by Jesse’s amazing Halloween display.



The Mad Titan Thanos will be coming to the big screen in all of his glory in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. The purple giant seems to have gained much popularity since his introduction into the MCU and cosplayers are now doing their best to recreate Thanos with their own talent, creativity and skill.

But how can anyone create a realistic version of such a gigantic and odd character? Well, no matter how impossible it may seem, Mnamna Cosplay has managed to do just that. This amazing cosplayer enjoys creating costumes for various comic book characters and Thanos must have been one of his most challenging costumes. However, his hard work more than paid off, because his Thanos cosplay looks absolutely incredible.


Chris Villain_Iceman

Making Iceman look realistic is a true challenge and not everyone is up to it. On first thought, you may even think it’s impossible to make a man made out of ice look real. However, we found a cosplayer whose mind-blowing Iceman cosplay proves the opposite.

The versatile Chris Villain is a singer, songwriter, dancer, YouTuber and cosplayer who managed to impress us with his amazing Iceman cosplay. Everything about Chris’s cosplay is on point -- the X-Men suit, the hair and skin color, the eyes and of course the little icicle-like formations on his face. If you wanna know how he did it, there’s a tutorial on his YouTube channel. Who knows, perhaps you get inspired to cosplay as Iceman too.



Thanks to the MCU Iron Man became the most popular Marvel hero. Robert Downey Jr. made the character a fan-favorite with his outstanding performance and made masses fall in love with Tony Stark. This iconic hero has inspired fans to try and create their own Iron Man suits, regardless of how impossible that task may seem.

Cosplayer, and clearly a huge Iron Man fan, Anthony Le, has made over ten fully functional Iron Man suits. Anthony’s specialty is building armors and Iron Man just happens to be his favorite. The Iron Man suit featured on the image above is Anthony’s MK 7 armor with motorized parts and jet streams. This piece of high-tech cosplay is most definitely not something you see every day, but Anthony is living proof that nothing is impossible.



M.O.D.O.K. is by no standard a fan-favorite character, yet it’s not all that uncommon to see a cosplayer attempt to pull off a M.O.D.O.K. costume. This super intelligent being with a massive cranium placed on a hover chair is one of those extremely weird comic book creations you will probably never see on the big screen. Although, when it comes to Marvel, you never know. But, this group of cosplayers made an incredible version of M.O.D.O.K. and agents of A.I.M.

Talk about taking things to the next level. These cosplayers built this movable M.O.D.O.K. and cosplayed as agents of A.I.M. together with their most unbelievable creation. The San Diego Comic Con has always been the place to go if you want to witness the impossible and these guys definitely showed us that anything can be done.


Human Torch

Cosplaying as a guy who has the power to literally burst into flames is not something any cosplayer will take lightly. While these flaming heroes do look pretty cool, cosplayers, more than anyone else, are aware of the difficulties such a costume is going to present. Yet the bravest of them have not only attempted to bring these characters to life, they have succeeded.

At the 2014 San Diego Comic Con this amazing cosplayer caught everyone’s attention with his flaming Human Torch costume. The unnamed cosplayer was photographed by various professional photographers, who just like us, found his costume worthy of admiration. He may not be engulfed in flames, but his flaming hair and the fire in his hand are more than enough to make his cosplay stand out.



Spidey's villains sure are ugly. The Vulture, the Green Goblin, Venom, Carnage and so many more. Carnage is an especially frightening and repulsive sight. This unstable mass-murdering serial killer looks like a creature out of a really bad nightmare. He is most certainly not a character that is easy to cosplay, yet cosplayers still manage to make some pretty cool Carnage costumes.

Alex Brenot dedicated his life as a cosplayer to creating incredible Symbiote costumes. One could say he's an expert in the art of creating Symbiotes, such as this amazing Carnage costume. Alex's Carnage is a sight to behold and we can only imagine how difficult it was to create such an incredible costume. But Alex has built so many awesome costumes that for him nothing is impossible anymore.


Red Skull

Red Skull is not a pretty sight and his rather repulsive appearance is not easy to replicate. However, even he has fans who are willing to do the impossible in order to create the perfect Red Skull cosplay. Truth be told, Red Skull cosplayers are not all that uncommon, however, not every one of them looks as good as this guy.

This amazing Red Skull cosplayer, equipped with the Tesseract, was spotted at the 2014 FanX Comic Con at Salt Lake. During an interview, he said that the most difficult part about this cosplay was sitting still for the makeup and mask to be applied on his face and waiting for the convention to put the suit on. Well, we have to admit that it was all worth it because he looks absolutely incredible.


Lawrence Grech_Hulk

Even movies with huge budgets have struggled with making the Hulk look believable, however, cosplayers have managed to do that with far less money and lots of creativity. MCU’s Hulk looks damn impressive, but he is after all a CGI creation. Cosplayers, on the other hand, build actual costumes and somehow make them look fantastic.

Cosplaying as the Hulk may seem like an impossible task, but talented cosplayers like Lawrence Grech still manage to pull it off. Clearly, Lawrence is a huge fan of the Hulk, since he has created a few versions of Hulk costumes. But the most impressive design has to be the gladiator Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok featured above. The amount of detail on this amazing costume makes this Hulk an incredible sight indeed.


Rebecca Lindsay_Mystique

This unbelievable Mystique cosplay was spotted at the 2016 New York Comic Con and immediately took over social media websites. Images of this amazing cosplayer started popping up left and right and soon she was being recognized at the convention. The girl behind this incredible Mystique cosplay is Rebecca Lindsay, who made the costume out of an Army costume and a cheap bodysuit. But the way Rebecca managed to combine the two and capture Mystique's ability to shape-shift is really a truly impressive feat.

Rebecca was completely overwhelmed with the incredible reaction to her costume, which became an instant hit at the convention but also on the internet. But it's really no surprise her costume got so much attention, considering how detailed, unique and amazing it is.


The Thing

The Fantastic Four sure are an odd bunch -- a woman who turns invisible, a guy who can stretch his body, another dude who can burst into flames and a guy who literally looks like a bunch of rocks. Benjamin Grimm's unusual rock-like skin is a result of exposure to cosmic rays, which also gave him super powers. And while he may be very strong, the Thing is not one of Marvel's best-looking heroes.

Yet, this hasn't stopped him from having awesome fans who are willing to do the impossible in order to bring him to life. Here's an amazing the Thing cosplay spotted at the 2015 New York Comic Con. This unnamed cosplayer caught the attention of fans and photographers alike who were eager to take his photo.


Lee Hurley_Groot

Here’s something most of us never expected to see. Not so long ago, a live-action movie version of Groot seemed like a ludicrous idea and none of us dreamed that such an odd character could make his live-action debut any time soon. However, Marvel made a bold move with Guardians of the Galaxy and the adorable Groot became everyone’s favorite hero.

The character’s popularity grew pretty fast and everywhere you look you could see something Groot-related. Yet, most of us though that a good Groot cosplay was an impossible task. Well, cosplayer Lee Hurley would beg to differ. This incredible cosplayer created an unbelievably realistic version of Groot. This costume has impressed everyone who had the opportunity to see it, including us here at CBR.


Warren Goodwin_Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is one of the oddest characters Marvel has decided to bring to the big screen as part of their MCU. A member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon is the brains behind the Guardians' operations, a skilled pilot, and a weapons specialist. Voiced by Bradley Cooper, Rocket Raccoon is cynical, sarcastic and extremely entertaining to watch. The character immediately became a fan-favorite, but not many cosplayers dared to attempt a Rocket Raccoon costume.

However, the seemingly impossible nature of this task didn't stop Warren Goodwin from venturing on an adventure to build a Rocket Raccoon costume. Warren is a Sci-Fi cosplay enthusiast and enjoys building challenging costumes. This Rocket Raccoon must have taken a lot of time, money and energy, but it sure does look amazing.


Lisa Phalstaf_Ghost Rider

If you want a real challenge as a cosplayer, Ghost Rider is a good place to start. Not only does this guy have flames bursting all around him and from him, Ghost Rider’s other defining characteristic is his skeleton-like physique. None of the above sounds like an easy task to accomplish, however, that has not stopped many from trying.

While the degree of success when it comes to Ghost Rider cosplay does vary, it is possible to find some pretty impressive ones. Lisa Phalstaf is one of the talented and creative cosplayers who managed to put her own spin on the character and create a very unique and believable version of Ghost Rider. The wig is an excellent substitute for flames and her bodypaint does a very good job at portraying the skeleton physique of Ghost Rider.

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