Gotham's Finest: Impossible Batman Villain Cosplays (That Fans Still Pulled Off)

Batman has always been defined in part by his enemies. Of all the heroes in the DC Universe, no one has a Rogues gallery more impressive than the Dark Knight. Over time, more and more villains have shown up in Gotham City, but there are still the classic bad guys who have stood the test of time. They continue to fight against Batman, even though they mostly end up back in Arkham Asylum. These villains are memorable because of their looks, their personalities, and of course how much of a challenge they are for Batman to fight against. Some of these villains are usually put away easily, and others put up so much of a fight, that Batman usually ends up having to figure out a new way to defeat them. In some cases, they've even completely incapacitated Batman, or at least they've come pretty close.

It could be argued that each of Batman's villains is a reflection of his personality. That's an important part of good villains, and for the most part, those sorts of intricate qualities are captured by these cosplayers. They look the part, but they even seem to reflect the personalities of the characters they are representing. These cosplays definitely couldn't have been easy to put together, but these dedicated folks managed to pull them off perfectly. There are classic Batman villains, as well as some of the lesser known ones. All of them, though, look great and show the skill, dedication, and hard work of the cosplayers. These are some seemingly impossible Batman cosplays that the fans somehow pulled off.

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ventriloquist cosplay
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ventriloquist cosplay

This ventriloquist cosplay by trinity all stars captures everything that makes the character unique. This version of Arnold Wesker fits very closely with his portrayal in both the comics and the Batman animated series, clearly drawing inspiration from both.

Finally, there's the dummy itself, Scarface. He looks perfectly menacing holding his little machine gun. Scarface is even positioned perfectly in front of Wesker, which is where he always wants to be anyway. Overall this cosplay is a great facsimile of a classic Batman villain. (Photo by York in a Box)


Professor Pyg cosplay

Professor Pyg might be one of the most psychotic Batman villains ever created (aside from the Joker). This cosplay by York in a Box gets everything right about him. There's the freaky pig mask, the big, old school yellow surgery gloves, and of course the frightening "surgical implements."

Then, of course, there are the other flourishes, such as the splattered apron and the jaunty red bowtie. Running into this professor at a convention would definitely put the fear in some people. (Photo by DTJAAAAM)


Hush cosplay

Hush may not be one of the most famous Batman villains, but he became a fan-favorite when he was introduced in the "Hush" storyline. This unidentified cosplayer nails everything about the character in one simple yet detailed cosplay.

The trench coat, gloves, dual pistols, and the bandages around the face are all pitch perfect. It's surprising that Hush isn't a more popular cosplay considering how easy it would be to make it look really good. This cosplayer proves that it can be done, and quite well. (Photo by Himeyu)


Hugo Strange cosplay

Hugo Strange is a formidable foe for Batman. The brilliant but ultimately evil doctor was one of the first villains Batman ever fought, and on top of that, he was the first of Batman's enemies to discover his secret identity.

This excellent cosplay by hellsing-order captures the look of Hugo Strange from the Arkham series of Batman video games. Every detail is perfect: the Arkham lab coat, the plastic nametag, the glasses, and beard, and especially the syringe full of a mysterious glowing liquid.


R’as al Ghul has always been one of the more challenging villains for Batman to fight. Not only is he constantly resurrecting himself using Lazarus Pits, but he is also an incredibly skilled fighter and criminal mastermind.

Ra's al Ghul has appeared in many different incarnations of Batman, but this cosplayer has chosen his classic look, imitating both his early looks in the comics, as well as his appearance in the Batman animated series. The cape and facial hair are especially nice touches. (Photo by digitallee)


Mad Hatter cosplay

Jervis Tetch, also known as the Mad Hatter, is another classic Batman villain with unmistakable style. He is, of course, modeled after the Mad Hatter character from Alice in Wonderland. So how do you pull off a Mad Hatter cosplay that will be linked to Batman rather than the classic children's book?

This cosplay by Just a Fan Cosplay manages to do just that. Rather than portraying a lighthearted sense of madness, this Mad Hatter cosplay captures the villainous attitude of the character it is actually based on. (Photo by Becky Albright)


Phantasm cosplay

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm was the first foray into feature-length animated Batman films by Warner Bros. It was a hit and introduced a new villain into the Batman canon. The Phantasm was a frightening villain, who resembled the Grim Reaper with a bladed hand.

This Phantasm cosplay by devileve gets everything right about the character. The dark hood and ragged cloak, along with the skull-like mask make this cosplay totally genuine and even the claw is spot on. (Photo by A. Brun)


Red Hood cosplay

The Red Hood started life as a classic Batman villain. It was the alter ego of the Joker before he even became the Joker, and it has been worn by several different criminals since then. However, there is one Red Hood that stands above them all: Jason Todd.

This Red Hood cosplay captures the Jason Todd version of the character perfectly. You can clearly see the anger in the mask itself, and the armor is a great touch. Like the Arkham Knight armor in Batman: Arkham Knight, it is like an evil reflection of Batman's armor, showing that, like most of Batman's enemies, he was created by Batman himself. (Photo by 003n1gm400)


clayface cosplay

You might think that a villain like Clayface would be absolutely impossible to cosplay. After all, Clayface is less of a conventional Batman villain and more of an actual monster. A giant being made of clay that can transform into anyone or anything? That would be a challenge.

However, this unknown cosplayer managed to pull it off. This Clayface cosplay hits all the right notes: it is hulking, but at the same time the grin on its face almost resembles something human. Plus there's the giant spiked ball on the hand, which is a nice touch. (Photo by David Chosid)


Zsasz cosplay

Zsasz is one of those Batman villains who is truly scary because he is pure evil. Every time he adds another victim to his list, he carves a new tally mark into his skin. However, despite Zsasz's truly intense presence as a villain, he is not one of the A-list Batman villains.

Nevertheless, cosplayer metropolis06 took a shot at recreating the look of Zsasz, and the effort put into this cosplay truly pays off. While some people might just draw the scars on their skin, metropolis06 went the extra mile to create raised and realistic looking scars. The insane-looking eyes are also a great touch to add to the Zsasz look. 


Man-bat cosplay

Man-Bat is a true beast even though he is kind of silly at his core. When you really start to think about it, it's like he was created to be the opposite of Batman, but not opposite like the Joker or anything, just literally with the words switched around. Even still, Man-Bat would be pretty scary if he actually existed.

That's proven by this truly impressive Man-Bat cosplay. Everything about it is perfect, from the menacing, monster-like face to the gray skin and batwings. This cosplayer truly put the work in, and it paid off. (Photo by dockingbay93)


Black Mask cosplay

Black Mask is yet another Batman villain who is often sidelined in favor of some of the more well-known rogues, but that doesn't make him any less threatening. The black skull mask is scary enough without also considering it is made from his father's casket.

This Black Mask cosplay by zaurask is pitch perfect in every way. The mask itself is very close to the look in the comic books, and the white suit contrasts it perfectly. Along with the black shirt and black gloves, this cosplay makes Black Mask look like a classic noir villain.


Killer Croc cosplay

Killer Croc may be a bit of a ripoff of Spider-Man's the Lizard, but that doesn't make him any less of a classic villain. Killer Croc has plagued Batman throughout his criminal career and got his big screen debut in Suicide Squad where he was played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

This Killer Croc cosplay does not copy the Suicide Squad look at all, however. Instead, it appears to draw more inspiration from Croc's comic book appearance, where his body and face much more closely resemble the look of a crocodile. A nice touch is the pin-striped pants, making Killer Croc look like half of a gangster (Photo by MrJechgo).


Deathstroke cosplay

Deathstroke may be one of the most impressive looking villains to ever fight Batman. No matter what you think of Slade Wilson, you have to admit that the design of his costume, including the black faceplate over his bad eye, is pretty cool.

This truly impressive Deathstroke cosplay by spartanalexandra hits all the right notes of Deathstroke's look. He got the swords, the mask, and the tactical gear all pitch perfect. There are even some shotgun shells strapped to the right shoulder blade. Overall, this is a great look.


Deadshot cosplay

Deadshot got his big screen debut in Suicide Squad where he was played by none other than Will Smith. That version of Deadshot still looked very close to his comic book counterpart, which made for a great opportunity to cosplay as the movie version.

That's exactly what cosplayer Arcanekani did, choosing to go as the Will Smith version of Deadshot. This costume is totally perfect in every detail. An especially nice touch is the crosshair device over the left eye, making this one cosplay that doesn't miss the mark.


Bane cosplay

There is one important key to cosplaying as Bane, one of Batman's most vicious and powerful foes: muscles. Bane has always been an almost inhumanly strong villain, due to his reliance on the steroid-like substance, Venom. Therefore, anybody cosplay as Bane better be swole.

Luckily, cosplayer David French has the build to back up a truly awesome Bane cosplay. This look is straight from the comic books, borrowing from some of Bane's earliest appearances. While Tom Hardy's Bane was pretty great, there's just something so great about Bane's classic, luchador style mask. (Photo by jimmydanzig)


Riddler cosplay

The Riddler always seemed like kind of a strange Batman villain, and really not all that original. After all, they already had a character named the Joker. Why was this the next logical step? Either way, the Riddler has cemented himself as one of Batman's most cunning and intelligent enemies.

This Riddler cosplay by captaincosplayyy is so fantastic because it gets everything right about the Riddler that fans have come to expect. There's the green question mark suit and cane, of course, but on top of that, there is the matching bowler hat and the contrasting purple mask and gloves.


Scarecrow cosplay

Scarecrow as a villain is a reflection of Batman's ability to use fear against his opponents. However, Scarecrow utilizes a fear gas (similar to Joker's laughing gas) to paralyze his victims with fright. It's especially effective when administered by a villain who looks as scary as Scarecrow does in the first place.

Take this cosplay by Rafael Pereira, which pulls its inspiration from the Scarecrow of the Arkham series of video games. Complete with syringe fingers and a hangman's noose around his neck, this version of Scarecrow may just be the most frightening to come into existence. (Photo by Chibi-Lilie)


Penguin cosplay

The Penguin may have started as one of Batman's sillier enemies, but over time he has grown into more of a behind-the-scenes type villain, working mainly as a crime boss who teams up with more of the street-level rogues to carry out his plans.

There have been numerous versions of the Penguin in media throughout the years, but one of the most famous (and popular) is probably Danny DeVito's take from Batman Returns. That version of the penguin was decidedly more animalistic and creepy, and that look is captured perfectly by this cosplayer, right down to the flipper-like hands. (Photo by Andy593)


Mr Freeze cosplay

It takes a lot of work to get a Mr. Freeze cosplay right. Judging by this photo, that's exactly what The Closet Cosplayer did. Her Mr. Freeze cosplay hits all the right elements of the character and combines a few different looks from various media to form one brand new version of Victor Fries.

There are the red eyes and goggles from the animated series, as well as the more steampunk aspects of the suit from the Arkham games. On closer inspection, the frost on the helmet is even patterned like freezing ice crystals.


Harley Quinn cosplay

There's no denying that Harley Quinn has always been a popular character ever since her first incarnation in Batman: The Animated Series. However, her status as a classic villain got another huge boost after she was played by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad

Despite the popularity of Quinn's look from the film (pigtails dyed red and blue at the tips, fishnets, "Daddy's Little Monster,") it's her classic look that most people remember. That's captured perfectly by cosplayer opticat, complete with giant, cartoonish mallet. (Photo by horitsu)


Two Face cosplay

Two-Face is yet another great reflection of Batman's personality. In this case, Two-Face represents the duality of Batman, how there will always be a state of flux between Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight. Two-Face is also one of the more tragic villains, as he started life as Harvey Dent, a DA driven to do good in Gotham.

This Two-Face cosplay (created by kritzkreig and worn by Salvini) is reminiscent, once again, of a look from the Batman animated series, with the half-black, half-white suit, and the disfigured, blue half of Harvey's face. It's far more unsettling in real life. (Photo by Tenikime)


Catwoman cosplay

Catwoman may be one of the most iconic Batman villains of all time. She has made her mark not just by acting as a villain or an antihero of sorts, but also of being a love interest for Batman. She has appeared in many different incarnations, including twice in the live-action Batman films (let's just all forget about Halle Berry in Catwoman).

This cosplay by Ivy95 captures the look of Catwoman as played by Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises. Complete with the high heel boots, mask, and cat ears/night vision goggles, this cosplay is pitch-perfect in its execution.


Joker cosplay

Finally, we come to the greatest of all of Batman's villains, the Joker. He's been mentioned throughout the article, mostly because it's hard to mention the Dark Knight without bringing him up as well. He's popular, psychotic, and possibly one of the greatest villains ever created.

Though he has gone through many changes during his history, the Joker's look essentially always stays the same. This particular Joker cosplay by videros most resembles the Joker's look from the Arkham video games. It's perfectly done and comes complete with a devilish grin. (Photo by Des-Henkers-Braut)

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