10 Important Facts to Know About Captain Britain

Even if you could come up with very farfetched ideas for superheroes, it’s most likely Marvel has already made a comic book out of that idea. With Captain America being so enormously popular now thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the superhero is the only one we can take seriously with a country as part of his title.

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However, there has been another superhero with a similar mantle: Captain Britain. The character has been active for decades (just in case you thought he’s a recent addition), and he’s a very accomplished hero in his own right. With the MCU having endless potential for superheroes, we just might see a Captain Britain film in the near future. Here are 10 facts about the character you should know.

10 He Was Made Exclusively For Britain

His name makes it obvious that Captain Britain was meant to be the premier hero for the market, but Marvel made him so exclusive to the country that the superhero never appeared in an American comic for almost an entire decade.

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Captain Britain debuted in 1976 in his self-titled series, and would make guest appearances in other comics only when those stories were based in the UK. It wouldn’t be until sales became very low for the superhero’s series that Captain Britain finally appeared in an American comic series, which ended up being Captain America #305 - in the year 1985.

9 His Creators Are Unknown

Even though the series was run by Marvel UK, the subsidiary itself was based in the US. Therefore, Captain Britain is actually an American creation; there’s also the matter of him being a creation of unknown individuals. It isn’t known just who specifically created the character, and it seems as if a bunch of writers might have come up with him.

Unlike superheroes like Spider-Man (whose creators are known to be Stan Lee and Steve Ditko), no one has been able to pinpoint the identities of the people who made Captain Britain a reality. The only theory is that he might be the work of the design artist John Romita Sr, although there has been no confirmation for this.

8 His Powers Are Magical

You’re mistaken if you think Captain Britain is a counterpart to Captain America in terms of powers, as the former didn’t undergo any serum injection to become superhuman. Captain Britain’s powers instead are magical, which were endowed on him by Merlyn and his daughter Roma.

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They offered him a choice between the Amulet of Right and the Sword of Might. The then-gravely injured Brian Braddock forewent the Sword, as he thought he wasn’t a warrior by nature, and chose the amulet instead. It was by rubbing this amulet that Captain Britain would access his superhuman powers. He also had a staff he’d use for combat purposes.

7 His Costume Used To Be The Source Of His Powers

Eventually, it became too much of a hassle to show Captain Britain always rubbing the amulet to give himself the powers of the superhero, and the story changed things up by making his suit the source of his abilities. This was done by having Merlyn fuse the amulet and staff together within the Captain Britain suit, thereby making it a battery of sorts.

As long as he donned the suit, Brian could replenish his superhuman abilities endlessly. However, it also meant the suit was what was strictly bequeathing him with powers, making it a necessity for him to be wearing it if he wanted access to these abilities.

6 He Was Part Of The Avengers

While Captain Britain and Captain America aren’t counterparts when it comes to super abilities, they are just this when it comes to being a symbol of liberty and goodness. This is why the two got along famously, and it was due to this good relationship that Captain America offered Captain Britain membership into the Avengers.

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His tenures with the group weren’t fruitful, though, as Captain Britain would vanish from the Earth-616 universe to fight a war within the multiverses. His second entry was in the Secret Avengers, but this too didn’t last long due to another war coming around, this one being against a robotic army known as the Descendants.

5 There Are Multiple Captain Britains

If you’re thinking by “multiple”, we mean more than one person to don the Captain Britain suit, then that’s not what we’re getting at. If you paid close attention to the previous point, we mentioned Captain Britain took part in a war between multiverses; this is where we saw several versions of the same character.

Multiverses entail other universes where the same superheroes are in different scenarios. Captain Britain represented the Earth-616 universe, and he was part of a faction known as “Captain Britain Corps”, whose responsibility was to repair the multiverses. Unfortunately, Captain Britain was the only one who survived.

4 He Was Spider-Man's Roommate

Things always get pretty wonky in the comics universe, and we somehow had a scenario where the young Captain Britain became roommates with Spider-Man at Empire State University. At this point, the superhero was still quite young, and went to America to complete his studies.

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Captain Britain and Spider-Man would even get into a fight of their own due to misunderstandings orchestrated by villainous forces, but they would band together to save Captain Britain’s love interest. Peter’s friendship wouldn’t be enough for Brian, though, as he turned toward drinking when he wasn’t able to cope so far away from him.

3 His Powers Are Now Driven By His Emotions

After the suit being the source of his powers became rather ridiculous, the writers once more switched Captain Britain’s power source by having him be in charge of his abilities. This came in the form of Captain Britain being an emotional person, whose feelings would define just how powerful he was.

If he was feeling supremely strong, then there would be no limits to his strength, as the magic through which his powers were bestowed would be activated. On the flip side, if Captain Britain was feeling down and out, then he could potentially become a weakling.

2 His Sister Is Psylocke

This little known fact might be the most surprising about Captain Britain, as his twin sister has already been seen in mainstream media, despite Captain Britain himself not being mainstream popular. You might remember Psylocke from X-Men: Apocalypse, and this character is the fraternal twin of Captain Britain.

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What makes this more interesting is the fact that Psylocke is supposed to be an Omega-level mutant, which makes this sibling pairing something truly impressive to behold. While Psylocke’s powers are linked to telepathy, Captain Britain’s come from magic. It’s an interesting dynamic they have since you don’t expect two people so different to be siblings.

1 There Have Been Four Captain Britains

Just like there have been multiple Spider-Mans, multiple Captain Americas, and multiple Batmans, there have also been multiple people to take on the mantle of Captain Britain. And it’s not even exclusively there for men either, as two of the further Captain Britains were women.

The first of these was Brian’s own sister, Betsy, who we know better as Psycloke – she assumed the role when Brian was working in covert operations. The other woman to be the superhero was Kelsey Kirkland, who received the Sword of Might from Brian for her bravery. Finally, a sorcerer named Modred the Mystic also briefly claimed the title, although he stole Brian’s abilities through nefarious means.

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