Impending 'X-Files' Revival Breaks Up Mulder & Scully

Fans of the Fox '90s hit The X-Files who have been polishing up their Mulder and Scully slash fic in the years since the franchise last saw the screen should prepare themselves. Word is out that the romance between the two FBI agents is over as the incoming network revival begins.

After a promo reel featuring Gillian Anderson's character telling to Fox Mulder that she was "your friend and physician" aired during the Television Critics Association press tour, EW reached out to Fox for confirmation that the couple was done.

The move -- which unravels the relationship carried out in more recent projects like the X-Files: I Want To Believe motion picture -- is only the latest bit of promo seemingly meant to align the new mini series with the glory days of the franchise as an anchor of Fox's Sunday lineup.

How close the new six-episode run will stick to the original episodes of Chris Carter's show will wait to be seen until January 24 when the show returns.

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