The Immortal Men: What Happened to DC's Ancient Hero Team?

Following the cataclysmic events of the crossover event Dark Nights: Metal, several new comic titles spun out of the ending as part of DC Comics New Age of DC Heroes publishing initiative. Among the new titles making their debut was The Immortal Men, which followed a secret organization of undying superheroes that had been quietly defending the DC Universe since the dawn of time.

The new series ran for six issues before its eventual cancellation, bringing their adventures to a close as they recruited a new member. Now, we're taking a quick look back at this ancient team and its modern adventures in the DC Universe.

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The Origin of the Immortal Men


First glimpsed briefly in the final issue of Metal, the Immortal Men -- also known as the House of Action -- were created by James Tynion IV and Jim Lee in 2018's The Immortal Men #1, the eponymous team were a group of heroes possessing the secret of immortality that had protected the Earth for eons from the shadows. Led by the Immortal Man, the group fought a similarly clandestine organization known as the House of Conquest across human history, with the two groups' secret war resulting in grave losses on both sides.

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With Metal revealing many of the DC Universe's secret histories, the Immortal Men's war against Conquest suffered an enduring setback when the villains raided the team's base known as the Campus. Dealt their most crushing defeat in ages and desperate for new allies to turn back the conflict in their favor, the Immortal Man recruited a teenage metahuman named Caden Park to join them and use his newfound abilities in the war against Conquest.

Who are the Immortal Men?

The Immortal Men Jim Lee

The original and longest-serving leader of the Immortal Men -- from whom the team gets its name -- is the Immortal Man, a caveman who had gained immortality and eternal youth after coming into contact with a strange meteor, making him a longtime enemy of Vandal Savage.

Ghost Fist is a key member of the team, who can use spectral energy to fire blasts as well as fly and teleport and originally hails from Prohibition-era Harlem. Reload was a career soldier who developed the ability to manipulate time, specifically the time of objects around him, which he normally employs to reload his weapons countless times with the same time-recycled bullets.

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The team's most adorable member is Stray, an animalistic creature with heightened senses and a feral nature when threatened, Timber hails from the early 19th century and was originally named Kenshena Carpentier, a half-Native American woman with the ability to alter her size and density, which gives her a degree of superhuman strength and endurance. The team's newest recruit was Caden Park, who has the power to temporarily replicate any skill that he witnesses from those around him through access to their memories.

The Adventures of the Immortal Men

The Immortal Men DC New Age of Heroes

Caden's connection to the team was foreshadowed by ominous dreams of the secret war the two factions had maintained for millennia. As Caden was drawn into the conflict himself, he learned that Conquest was headed by the Infinite Woman who intended to shape the course of humanity to her nefarious will. In order to deal with the recruitment of Caden and to continue to press her advantage after the attack on the Campus, the Infinite Woman gains a powerful weapon from the Batman Who Laughs to destroy her enemies once and for all.

The ensuing conflict results in the seemingly permanent death of the Immortal Man as Caden embraces the truth behind his secret lineage to the team and becomes its new leader. Inheriting the Blood-Mask from the Immortal Man upon his death, Caden gained access to the memories and skills of all the previous Immortal Men through the ancient artifact as well as superhuman strength. Reinvigorated, Caden led the team to repel Conquest from a floating warship above New York City.

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