The Green New Deal: Hulk Outlines His War on Humanity - and Yes, It's Scary

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Immortal Hulk#26 from Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Paul Mounts and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

The Immortal Hulk has brought the Devil Hulk center stage to wage war against humanity for some unknown reason. With the Green Goliath's connection to the One Below All, it seemed like it was  simply because he hated mankind and wanted to wipe it off the map to rule undisturbed.

However, Immortal Hulk #26 not only gives us the why, it also reveals the how as Bruce Banner details the plan he has in store to save the planet.

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Banner's been putting out pirate broadcasts after taking over Shadow Base to create a social justice movement in the form of a "Hulk Smash!" cult. He wants the public to rise up against the elite, especially after these rich people left them fighting for scraps. But rather than just being a vendetta that's personal or overly emotional, when Banner sits down at a diner for a chat with Amadeus Cho, we discover it's not just about civil unrest for the fun of it, it's about hitting back at disaster capitalists.

He's pissed off at the people and corporations who profit off catastrophes, and in turn create more disasters to make more money. It's a vicious cycle he thinks is draining the planet, and something not even Tony Stark, Reed Richards or Blue Marvel as visionaries could cure. And now , the Hulk thinks the solution to this infection is targeted violence. Banner's ready to purge the virus by aiming the Jade Giant in the right direction to instill dread in the upper-class. Big corporations run the world after all and the first one he wants to bring down is Roxxon, the same one who has a sinister news network, Roxx News, dedicated towards building anti-Hulk sentiment.

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Banner's going to take all these entities out one by one to send a message to stop exploitation and profiteering. Coupled this with riots and society fighting back, the Hulk gets to rid the planet of big money parasites, and he believes that those who are worthy will stand on his side, ready to embrace the future. It's almost a humanitarian mission, but there's no telling where the Devil Hulk's true motives may lead Banner.

Still, it's going to be easier said than done because Roxxon has already won government contracts to create anti-Hulk weapons, something they've accomplished already with Weapon H.

But Banner, as expected, has a secret partner in place to help create disasters of his own in the form of his ex-Defenders teammate, Namor. The Sub-Mariner recently assaulted the surface world in Invaders, where he showed that he shared the same general sentiment of the Hulk and had designs for to wash over Earth with a great flood that would sweep away the wicked. While they may not be friends anymore, they do share a common goal, although it's an alliance that could spell doom for the Marvel Universe.

Namor has gone after Wakanda already and the Hulk is at his absolute most dangerous right now, so they're both perilously close to unleashing their wrath on the world like never before. Even though Roxxon has the Minotaur as its head and new Hulks of their own being made, this war may well need the Avengers to come in and the stop the duo, because as Banner says, even Earth's Mightiest Heroes can be part of the problem.

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