Immortal Hulk's Resurrection To Be Explained in No Surrender Prologue


Though Bruce Banner was killed in the Marvel Comics event Civil War II, we know the gamma-powered hero will make his return in the weekly Avengers story arc "No Surrender." Instead of being described as incredible, however, the Hulk will now be considered immortal when writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennett launch The Immortal Hulk in June for Marvel's Fresh Start.

Before The Immortal Hulk begins, his return to the land of the living will be explained in a 10-page prologue in Avengers #684.

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"We take care of all the hows and whys and wherefores of Hulk’s various resurrections in “No Surrender” Episode 10, which I believe is Avengers #684 – that has a special additional 10-page prologue story by me and Joe where will deal with all of that," Ewing told CBR in our exclusive interview with him and Bennett about their new series.

Ewing added that answering any lingering questions about the Hulk in the prologue allows Bennett and himself to move into Immortal Hulk without any extra baggage. Instead of fans needing to go read every issues of  "No Surrender" to understand how the Hulk is alive again, they can step into Immortal Hulk #1 with fresh eyes.

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The Immortal Hulk#1 from writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennett arrives in May.

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