EXCLUSIVE: Immortal Hulk Resurrects a Classic Marvel Sidekick

The Immortal Hulk isn't a big fan of sidekicks. The big green guy, who recently revealed he's set on eradicating the human race, prefers to work alone, but that time might be coming to an end. Immortal Hulk #15 revealed that the body of Bruce Banner's first sidekick, Rick Jones, had mysteriously gone missing. Now, we know where he went.

A preview for Immortal Hulk #16 reveals that Rick's body was exhumed by Shadow Base and used in a rather horrific experiment. We see Rick's body being covered in bright green blood, extruded from a giant, gamma-irradiated heart. As the thick liquid covers his face, we see evidence that he has, miraculously, begun to breathe.

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Rick's return to the land of the living is complicated, as the former Hulk sidekick might not come back… quite right. Rick is known for being an ally to the Hulk, but Immortal Hulk has taught us again and again that there's a cost to coming back from the dead. Walter Langkowski, for example, died on the operating table and was reborn in his Sasquatch form under the control of Brian Banner, Bruce's abusive, dead father.

Given that Rick also had a brief history as a giant, hulking beast named A-Bomb, it's very possible he and Hulk will come to blows on equal terms.

Immortal Hulk #16 goes on sale April 3. Al Ewing writes the issue. Joe Bennett provides art. Alex Ross illustrates the cover.

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