EXCLUSIVE: Ewing & Bennett Unleash Marvel's Immortal Hulk

Finally, can you talk about the role the Immortal Hulk will initially play in the larger Marvel Universe? Will the heroes and military be aware he exists? Will the horror edge of this book perhaps lead the character to other supernatural corners that he's had a slight connection to in the past given his ability to see ghosts?

Ewing: Actually, the Hulk being able to see ghosts was one of the earliest things that popped into my mind with this. Over time, we'll see why that is - and how it's connected to his inability to die.

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Bennett and inker Ruy Jose's art from The Immortal Hulk #1

In the spirit of "no baggage", one thing that I'm very adamant about is having no crossovers if at all possible. If you have to buy another comic to enjoy Immortal Hulk, that means I've failed in my duty to you. In terms of his connection to the main Marvel Universe - at first, we're very deliberately avoiding it. Bruce Banner walks the world alone, and that's how he wants it. The Avengers know he's alive, and the government are more than likely aware of him and working out what to do about it - but officially, the Hulk died and all those sightings cropping up are so much swamp gas. Which is the way Hulk likes it - but being a gigantic green monster makes it tough to keep a low profile, and over time we'll start to see more of the Marvel Universe become involved in our green goliath's comings and goings.

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It's likely that'll lead to a run-in with some old friends and foes further down the line... but when it happens, it'll be in our own special Immortal Hulk style. (And if you see him guest in any other books before that point? Relax, it's the lifelike Hulk robot from the Eternals! And that's canon!)

I'll say one more thing - these are cynical times, and the lure of "meh" can be strong. But don't sleep on this. Call your retailers. Ask them to put copies aside. This is going to be something very, very special.

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