Marvel Reveals Plan to Introduce The Next Marvel Universe

Get ready to glimpse the next stage of the Marvel Universe in October's Immortal Hulk #25.

Some fans may not realize it, but we're currently in the eighth iteration of the Marvel Universe. The universe has died and restarted on eight different occasions, and the publisher plans on giving a preview of what the ninth version of its universe looks like in the Jade Giant's double-sized issue.

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"Immortal Hulk #25 is set way in the future. The current Marvel Universe -- which is actually the eighth iteration of reality/the cosmos, so it’s known as the Eighth Cosmos -- has ended, and this story takes place in the Ninth Cosmos," editor Will Moss explained to Marvel.com. "Everything about the Ninth Cosmos is different from the Marvel Universe we know, as you can see from the character featured in these preview pages: Par%l."

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"[This issue] is your first glimpse of Marvel's Ninth Cosmos -- the multiverse that is to come after the death of the current one," Moss continued. "It's 40 story pages of intense, ethereal, and flat-out gorgeous sci-fi and horror that's so far outside normal business that we can only show you a glimpse and ask you to take the ride with us."

The Hulk's current ongoing series has displayed how horror can be displayed in a superhero comic, but he isn't the only gamma-powered hero operating in the Marvel U. Jennifer Walter, who goes by the moniker She-Hulk, is a member of the Avengers, and she recently showed off some of her impressive powers in a team-up with Thor.

Immortal Hulk #25 is by Al Ewing, Germán García and Chris O’Halloran, with a two-page epilogue by penciler Joe Bennett, inker Ruy Jose and colorist Paul Mounts. It goes on sale Oct. 23.

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