Immortal Hulk #15 Preview Resurrects a Classic Gamma Hero

The Immortal Hulk is not known for his ability to recruit allies. Stomping through desolate towns and meting out corrective violence? Sure, that's the Immortal Hulk style. But when it comes to actually creating and nurturing bonds, that's just not the Jade Giant's thing. Nonetheless, the Hulk and his civilian alter ego, Bruce Banner, are typically surrounded by people who want to help, many of whom have died for their concern. Now, one has returned.

A preview for Immortal Hulk #15 follows up on the revelation that capped off Issue #14, that Doc Samson has returned from the dead and is now looking to "help" Bruce Banner. Originally killed after breaking free from M.O.D.O.K. and the Leader's influence, Samson's resurrection takes on a dark new twist in this preview, as it is revealed that the part-time superhero's return to the land of the living was facilitated by the Green Door.

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Given that the Hulk and his allies only just recently returned from fighting the formless green monster that dwells behind the Green Door in a Hell beneath all other Hells, it's very possible that Samson somehow plays into the monster's master plan. Given his background in psychology and his longtime obsession with curing the Hulk, it seems that Bruce and Samson have some long, painful chats ahead of them.

Immortal Hulk #15 goes on sale on Mar. 20. Al Ewing writes the issue. Joe Bennett provides art. Alex Ross illustrates the cover.

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