Immonen Summons Her "Heralds"

When an entity becomes a Herald of Galactus, they are imbued with a portion of the world devourer's immense power, often providing the Herald with powerful superhuman abilities and a transformed physical form. But while their physical appearance undergoes a change, the Herald's mind remains their own, leaving them with the same fears and mental frailties as the rest of us. So what happens when one of Galactus' deceased Heralds suddenly finds herself resurrected and very angry? This June, an all-star team of Marvel Heroes are going to find out in the five issue weekly miniseries "Heralds" by writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Tonci Zonjic, and if they don't stop the Herald's destructive rampage, the entire Earth could be destroyed. CBR News spoke with Immonen about the series.

CBR News: From the cover image it looks like the cast of "Heralds" is made up of Hellcat, Monica Rambeau, Valkyrie, She Hulk, Agent Brand and Emma Frost. Plus, I hear some members of the Fantastic Four will turn up later in the series. That's a pretty eclectic cast. Why did you and editorial want to bring this particular group of characters together, and what do you find compelling about them?

Kathryn Immonen: A: They are awesome and B: they are awesome. When my editor Jeanine Schaefer and I first started talking about doing this, the initial list of potential characters was, in a word, bananas. Some were ridiculously obscure; others (like Hellcat and Emma Frost) were the stuff of dream dates for me. Ultimately, though, we wanted to end up with a group that was well balanced in terms of powers and, maybe more importantly, personality and approach to conflict resolution. We discussed a lot of match ups of powers and personalities as they related to the central themes of this project, and the result is a group that is in some ways hilariously diverse but certainly full of potential for rational and reasoned discourse - or not.

Let's talk a little bit about that. How would you describe the dynamic between these characters when the series begins? Some of them have worked together and are even friends, like Hellcat and Monica Rambeau, but it also seems like this is a group of pretty strong personalities that could end up clashing. Would that be a fair assessment?

Sure. And they're all only together in the first place because they've been set up, or at least Emma has, by someone who should have known better but just couldn't help himself. And certainly, they've all at least been in the same room together at some point, but I wouldn't say that there's too much between them beyond that. Hellcat and Valkyrie is one of my most favorite relationships ever, but the Valkyrie that Patsy's looking at now is not the person that she most fondly remembers. That can't be easy for either of them. And I think that's true, to varying degrees, with all of them.

Who are some of the important supporting players in "Heralds, " and what can you tell us about them?

There's a fairly robust cast of civilians, many of whom lead lives that exist only in parallel to the heroic story line. By which I don't mean that they are similar, but rather that they don't intersect. This skates dangerously close to a metaphor, but there you have it. There is one, however, a Vegas roadside diner waitress, who is absolutely the pivot for this story.

What can you tell us about the overall plot and themes of "Heralds?" From the information we have so far, it sounds like this is a tale of superhero action, cosmic power and maybe even a little bit of horror?

There are a couple of "civilians" that play pivotal roles, and at the heart of this series are issues involving how we change over time (by choice or by chance) and what that does to the people who love us. And how the move into and out of the superpowered life is characterized as much by what you lose as what you gain. For sure, it's superheroic, but Patsy also gets to punch Einstein in the face in the first issue, which is possibly not her finest moment. And a lot of things blow up and burn down. For instance, I've always hated the idea of Paris, Las Vegas...just saying.

We know that the villain of "Heralds" is an immensely powerful being that embarks on a destructive rampage, causing Marvel's superheroines to band together - can you share any details about her motivations for carrying out said rampage?

Resolution and retribution are interchangeable in her dictionary, but it's not her fault.

The art on "Heralds" is provided by Tonci Zonjic, who previously depicted a number of the characters in "Heralds" in the recently concluded "Marvel Divas" miniseries. Have you worked with him before, or is this a first time partnership?

Everything that Tonci and I know about each other is what's on the page. I am a huge fan of his work and was so enormously happy to learn that he was on the project. There's a real intimacy about his characters and the way that they interact that takes what could just be a big cosmic ka-boom and really locates the story at the heart of the characters and the way they deal with each other. And that's always been the kind of story I want to tell.

Fans know that you have an affinity for Hellcat - if "Heralds" does well, would you want to revisit her and any of her teammates in this book for a sequel or a spin off?

I am always up for more Hellcat. As far as this team ever being recomposed, it would probably have to be over their dead bodies, and Emma would probably be the one to do the killing.

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