Image's "The Expatriate" #1 Sells Out

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BERKELEY, CA -- 5 APRIL, 2005 -- In Image Comics' THE EXPATRIATE, American Jack Dexter finds himself running for his life from two bloodthirsty CIA agents with a penchant for shooting at anything that moves. And, befitting a breathless chase saga, the opening chapter of Dexter's story, THE EXPATRIATE #1, sold out in a heartbeat.

The entire initial printing of the book was sold out at the publisher level the morning following its arrival in stores, despite typically aggressive overprinting.

Written by B. Clay Moore (HAWAIIAN DICK, BATTLE HYMN), and drawn by Jason Latour, THE EXPATRIATE is described by the writer as a "crazy train story designed to keep readers surprised and guessing at each turn."

As Moore explains, what begins as an intriguing story about a man on the run will soon evolve into something far...stranger.

"The next few issues will feature everything from astronauts to the Beatles," says Moore. "With lots of running, a bit of being caught, some horrific body modification, murder, mayhem, death and resurrection. As the book progresses, I think people will be glad they stuck around. We're elated to see that the book is finding an audience so quickly."

It's unlikely the first issue will be reprinted in a single edition, so readers are encouraged to check with their shops to see if any copies remain on shelves.

THE EXPATRIATE helps kick off what promises to be a remarkable 2005 for Image Comics.

To those who have been paying attention, this creative renaissance should come as no surprise, but with the impending debut of titles like Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith's FELL, Rick Remender, Kieron Dwyer and Salgood Sal's SEA OF RED, Remender and Eric Nguyen's STRANGE GIRL, Jim Valentino, Jim Keplinger and Carlos Rodriguez's revamped SHADOWHAWK, J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Ploog's STARDUST KID, Joe Casey and Tom Scioli's GØDLAND, Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's BATTLE POPE, the Luna Brothers' GIRLS, and Dean Haspiel and Scott Morse's AS BIG AS EARTH, readers should make a habit of being first in line at their local shops. Because sellouts might become the norm.

And those are just the titles that can be talked about now. By the time San Diego Comic-Con rolls around, there should be a handful of Image-related announcements that will, in the words of Image Executive Director Eric Stephenson, "blow readers away."

THE EXPATRIATE #4 is solicited in the April issue of Diamond PREVIEWS, and is scheduled to hit stands this June.

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