Image's "ShadowHawk" Changes Artists

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 22 September, 2005 -- Beginning with issue #7 (SEP051706) Jim Valentino's SHADOWHAWK will be changing artists. Replacing penciler Carlos Rodriguez and team will be newcomer, Ted Wing, who will be assuming penciling, inking and coloring duties due to the unique way he works.

According to Valentino, "We wanted to bring a sharper edge to the book, something a little more modern, a little more dangerous. Ted's work first came to our attention on the Shadowline message board at www.imagecomics.com and we thought his style was perfect for where editor Kris Simon, series writer Scott Wherle and I wanted the series to go."

Valentino also noted, "With issue #7 the story starts to take a turn. Not necessarily darker but we are going to make Eddie grow up and realize that the world is not black-and-white and being a super-hero in the 21st Century is not all fun and games."

For his perspective on the change, Wing noted, "I think that Shadowline wants a new look without eclipsing the whole idea of what a comic is." He explained his style as "water based oils, ink, pencils, Photoshop painter. I am very experimental, which can be frustrating because I do not have a set process I adhere to, but at the same time this allows new ideas and ways of portraying visuals." Expressing his excitement for the title, Wing enthused, "I was taken aback really, I am one of those dudes who bought the foiled embossed cover back in the '90s..and never in a million years would I have seen myself drawing ShadowHawk!"

Editor Simon noted, "We couldn't be happier with what we've seen so far. Everything form Ted's first piece, the cover for issue #8, to the pages he's turning in daily. We're really very excited!"

ShadowHawk #7 was solicited with the previous art team and has been order adjusted to reflect the change. It goes on sale November 23rd.

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