Image's "Severed" #1 Cuts Loose With Second Print

Official Press Release

Image Comics has a new horror hit on its hands: Scott Snyder's SEVERED. Following in the footsteps of popular horror titles like THE WALKING DEAD and HACK/SLASH, the first issue of SEVERED has sold out at the distribution level and is quickly disappearing from the shelves of local comic shops everywhere, prompting the publisher to rush the issue back to press.

Written by Eisner winner Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Batman) and co-writer Scott Tuft, with art by New York Times bestselling artist Atilla Futaki (Percy Jackson,) SEVERED is a subtle, yet powerfully frightening miniseries that is making a big impression on readers and reviewers alike.

"The response so far is really remarkable," said Tuft. "We never considered sales when writing this book... we just wanted to tell a solid story that we found terrifying and it's awesome to see such a simple formula seeming to work. It's a dream to take something close to your heart and make it into a comic without limitations or restrictions, and it's an even greater dream to see people responding in this way."

"Severed is a labor of love - something written simply because both of us love the material. Early 20th century America: the railroads and hobos, the music of tin pan alley, Ford Model-T's," added Snyder. "All the wonderful and terrifying aspects of that world. So the response to issue one has been so thrilling. I can't even express how much it means. Thanks so much to everyone reading us."

Some of the hearty recommendations this disturbing new series has received from reviewers include:

"...the reader almost dreads turning the page for fear of what is coming. ... highly recommended, and I'll even go so far as to say it's the best purchase you can make this week." -- Jeff Marsick, Newsarama

"One of the best things about SEVERED #1 is the art by Attila Futaki. ... [SEVERED]'s creepy in a way that even the greatest story featuring The Joker could never be, because the next knock on your door could be Mr. Porter's." -- Conor Kilpatrick, iFanboy

"The new Image series SEVERED manages to create that uneasy sense of dread by investing it's story with one of the things that always leads to fear - being alone and powerless." - Iann Robinson, Crave Online

"The overall creepiness works just like a very well done scary movie: don't watch it before you go to bed because you will surely be stuck in a nightmare rail car with Mister Porter!" - Nicole Novielli, Static MultiMedia

"It is a macabre love letter to the stories of Jack Ketchum and Stephen King, but it is also the start of a new series that could bare the strenuous task of making horror comics respectable again as an art-form, and give Robert Kirkman and THE WALKING DEAD a chance to ice their shoulders. In fact, SEVERED has the potential to be Scott Snyder's It, and propel his already rising star to such plateaus." -- Theo Scheresky, Bloody Disgusting

The second printing of SEVERED #1 (JUN118186), a 32-page full color comic book priced at $2.99 is available for re-order now with an in-store date of September 9, coinciding with the release of SEVERED #2 (JUL110544).


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