Image's "Nonplayer" Tapped By "Harry Potter" Producer

These days, Hollywood movie options can come often for comics, but they don't always come as fast as they have for Nate Simpson. The Hollywood Report has the news that the cartoonist's Image debut "Nonplayer" has been set up at Warner Bros. Studios by "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows" producer David Heyman and Roy Lee, producer of the upcoming Taylor Lautner action film "Abduction," even though the comic on has one issue on the stands to date.

"Nonplayer" tells the story of Dana Stevens whose fantasy life in an online video game adventure begins to infect her real life. Simpson described the concept to CBR News in March, saying, "Dana's a talented but directionless young woman who splits her time between a menial fast food job and a career as an assassin in the online world of Jarvath. She's kind of given up on the idea of achieving anything in the real world -- the only reason she bothers with a job at all is to help pay for her little sister's school tuition. When she's not delivering tamales or kicking butt in the game, she builds her own virtual worlds as a hobby.

"She has some amazing creative gifts, but having received a single rejection letter from a game company, she's decided she's not good enough. Personality-wise, she's one of those people who thinks she's irrelevant and ends up surprised when people are hurt by her offhand rudeness. In the real world, she's an ant. In Jarvath, her actions feel like they have consequences."

Sent to a second printing after its April debut, "Nonplayer" #1 garnered critical raves including a four-star review from CBR's Chad Nevett who called it "Definitely one the best surprises of 2011...Nate Simpson's art alone is well worth the price of admission. That his writing shows skill and confidence beyond what you'd expect from someone writing his first comic is a fabulous bonus."

For more on the film option, see The Hollywood Reporter, and stay tuned for more on "Nonplayer" the comic on CBR.

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