Image's <i>Memoir</i> Moves Toward TV

Warner Bros. Television has acquired the rights to Memoir, the Image Comics miniseries that's been described as "Twin Peaks by way of The Twilight Zone."

Created by Ben McCool and Nikki Cook, the 2010 miniseries is set Lowesville, a sleepy Midwestern town whose residents awoke one morning with no memory of who they are. Three years later the townspeople have moved on, satisfied that the phenomenon was a hoax. But when a rookie journalist arrives determined to unravel the mystery of Lowesville and make a name for himself, he finds a man who claims to remember everything.

"Me and artist Nikki Cook are absolutely delighted that a company as prestigious as Warner Bros. TV has elected to pick up Memoir, and we're very excited to see where things go from here," McCool tells MTV's Splash Page, which reported the announcement from Publishers Marketplace. "Me and Nikki have always felt that the potential to tell stories in the Memoir universe was abundant, so with a bit of luck there'll be plenty more of them coming soon!"

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