Image's 'Invincible #1' now available online

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 14 March, 2002 -- Following the sell-out success of the first two issues of INVINCIBLE, Image Comics is inviting readers who missed those issues to try out the series by reading the first issues online at www.imagecomics.com. Image Comics announced that INVINCIBLE #1 and 2 sold out earlier this week.

Written by Robert Kirkman (BATTLE POPE, TECH JACKET), with artwork by Cory Walker (SUPERPATRIOT: AMERICA'S FIGHTING FORCE) and colorist Bill Crabtree (FIREBREATHER), INVINCIBLE is the story of Mark Grayson, a normal American teen similar to everyone else his age...except for the fact that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. And what's more, he seems to be inheriting his father's powers. It all sounds fine to Mark at first, but he quickly realizes that following in his father's footsteps and living up to his standards may be next to impossible. The series also involves other teen superheroes, one of whom goes to Mark's high school, but Kirkman's handling of the characters and his unique take on the teen hero premise makes INVINCIBLE quite different from anything that's come before.

INVINCIBLE #1 is the latest Image title to be made available online at www.imagecomics.com, joining POWERS, NOBLE CAUSES, AGE OF BRONZE, TECH JACKET, PARADIGM, HAMMER OF THE GODS and JACK STAFF as part of the site's growing online comics section. Image's Website also offers five-page previews of upcoming comics and there is presently a preview for INVINCIBLE #3 online.

INVINCIBLE #3 will be available through comics shop on March 26.

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