Image's "Girls" #1 Sells Out, New Printing On The Way

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 7 June, 2005 -- Image Comics is happy to announce a sell-out and a new printing of GIRLS #1. The Luna Brothers' newest Image book, following their successful ULTRA series, has sold out at Diamond - the issue was supported by a 25% overship to retailers as well as Image's standard overprint.

"With only the first issue of GIRLS, we're getting a reaction we've never seen before," says Jonathan Luna. "We're receiving a lot of great letters--fans have been really amazing and we're having a lot of fun with it!"

The new printing features a brand-new cover by Jonathan Luna. GIRLS is about an average guy named Ethan Daniels who's never had much luck with women. Until he meets an unnamed mystery girl, that is, and he soon discovers, she is no ordinary girl. Like most women, she holds secrets beyond his understanding. But in this case, those secrets might end up impacting not just Ethan's future, but that of the whole world. GIRLS is an ongoing monthly series for mature readers with a definitive ending in mind

"We're just thrilled Girls has been able to find an audience this quickly! This is only the first issue too, so I cannot wait until readers get a chance to delve deeper into the storyline, we're going to get to know the people of Pennystown very well," says co-creator Joshua Luna.

The new printing of GIRLS #1 (APR058297) is available now for orders - your local retailer can contact their Diamond Customer Service Representative for ordering. It will be on shelves June 29th. GIRLS #2 (APR051677) is in stores June 22nd.

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