Image's Enormous Targeting Feature Film, VR Experience

Image Comics' "Enormous" is being developed for a multimedia adaptation experience. As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, the property is being developed for film with Chinese markets in mind, but other avenues -- like television, VR or animation -- are being explored. The project comes from "Hitman: Agent 47" producer Adrian Askarieh, who has partnered with Eva Cao, former head of international productions for Huayi Brothers.

The 2012 Image comic from creators Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour takes place on an Earth that's beseiged by giant monsters. The graphic novel was published by Image's Shadowline imprint in 2012 and the project has been in the works since 2013, when Askarieh adapted the comic for a live-action pilot for Machinima.

Additionally, Askarieh is teaming up with Pure Imagination Studio to develop VR components for the "Enormous" experience.

“Chinese audiences strongly respond to stories like the ones showcased in the Enormous comic books,” said Cao. “By partnering with Hollywood creative talent, I'm confident we can turn Enormous into a filmed franchise with global appeal but one which especially captures the sensibilities and imagination of the Chinese audiences.”

“Properties need to be developed across a range of media platforms these days and leveraging new and compelling ways to tell stories has been a core focus of Pure Imagination Studios since its inception,” said Pure Imagination Studios' Joshua Wexler. “Imagine looking up at a 60-foot tall monster that wants to eat you. And if you don’t move, and I mean really get out of the way, you’re toast. How awesome is that?”

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