Image's "Amazing Joy Buzzards" hits stands this December

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 15 September, 2004 -- This December, Image Comics will hijackthe minds of bored readers everywhere and send them on an electric thrillride with the world's number one rock and roll band as they battle giantrobots and evil witch doctors, and explore the supernatural with theirmythical Mexican wrestling pal, El Campeon!

In other words, this ain't your father's rock and roll band.

THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS is a monthly rock and roll adventure brought tolife by writer Mark Andrew Smith and artist Dan Hipp, exploding onto thecharts just in time for Christmas.

Despite the fragile nature of the world around us, writer and co-creatorSmith thinks the time is right for high adrenaline musical mayhem on thecomic book page, and cites an array of diverse influences.

"The book draws from Scooby Doo for the fun, Speed Racer for the adrenalinesurges, and Herge's Tintin, because I loved the idea of doing a travelingbook, which a band was perfect for," notes Smith. "'A Hard Day's Night' wasa huge influence on the book, too. The Buzzards definitely have mobs ofscreaming women following them around everywhere they go and they're largerthan life"

"The influences and the tone will change throughout the series and that's agreat thing," enthuses the writer. "I think that our overwhelmingenthusiasmand love for this project will shine through."

The Joy Buzzards consist of three main characters: Biff Ashby, thenarcissistic, trouble-making lead singer, Gabe Carlyle, the level-headeddrummer whose archeologist father has vanished and Stevo Vargas, themulti-talented bassist/martial arts expert/racecar driver with a penchantfor kicking evil into the corner where it belongs. So who is El Campeon?

"El Campeon is a mystical Mexican Wrestler that comes to people in their time of need," answers Smith. "He's a bit clumsy and messes up a lot, and whenhe's not battling the forces of evil he's been known to sleep for weeks. Heloves cereal. El Campeon can be summoned by Gabe, who wears a magicaltalisman and when Gabe says the magic words Go El Campeon Go!, our MysticalMexican Wrestling Pal spills forth from the talisman like a genie to lay thesmack down and save the day."

Image Comics Executive Director Eric Stephenson, a diehard musicologisthimself, knew Image was the perfect place for the Amazing Joy Buzzards tocall home when they weren't out blowing minds with their music and savingthe world from evil with their hard-hitting ways.

"I think the success of titles like THE WALKING DEAD, ULTRA and INVINCIBLEshows that readers want their comics to say something new," says Stephenson."Mark and Dan have come up with a concept that's irresistibly fun, somethingthat should appeal to music lovers as well as comic book lovers. It's not aspin-off, it's not a relaunch and it's not a revamp -- it's somethinggenuinely different from everything else on the rack."

Reserve your tickets with your local comic shop, and be sure to catch thegang each month as they make comic book and rock and roll history in thepages of THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS!

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[Editor's Note: For more on the "Amazing Joy Buzzards," check out CBR's July Interview with Mark Smith.]

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