Image Unveils Seven "Morning Glories" #27 Variants

The cast of Image Comics "Morning Glories" is as expansive and diverse as any in comics, and for the book's next issue, the cover artists will match. Today, Image released a look at seven of the eight variant covers for the Season 2 kickoff via Diamond Comics Distributors.

"The Season Two premier will hit with #27, which will again be double-sized and $3.99," writer Nick Spencer revealed in a January installment of CBR's MORNING GLORY DAYS column. "And that will have a whole host of pretty awesome variants by some of my favorite artists. We're moving into a big stretch of high profile issues to get people excited about the new season."

Since then, the writer has explained of the story: "More than anything we've ever done before, these next four issues are linked extremely tightly. I think that they're great to read on their own, but they are one story in sum total. It's on big, giant story. To get the ball rolling on that is fun, and I think it will surprise a lot of people. There are a lot of answers to our smaller mysteries that people have had since the first arc, but at the same time it sets up a LOAD of new stuff that will play out over the next 50 issues."

Aside from the above cover by "Morning Glories" artist Joe Eisma, the 27th issue includes variants from "Rival" cover artist Jenny Frisson, "The Manhattan Projects" artist Nick Pitarra, "Chew" artist Rob Guillory, "Young Avengers" artist Jamie McKelvie, "Pretty Deadly" artist Emma Rios, "Infinite Vacation" artist Christian Ward and "Thief of Thieves" artist Shawn Martinbrough, whose cover is the only yet to be revealed.

Check out six of the variants below and stay tuned to CBR News for more on "Morning Glories" in the weeks ahead.

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