Image to release 'Bulletproof Monk' one-shot to coincide with release of film

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ORANGE, CA -- 4 March, 2003 -- With MGM's film adaptation of BULLETPROOF MONK scheduled to hit theaters Easter weekend, Image Comics is releasing aone-shot special, BULLETPROOF MONK: TALES OF THE BULLETPROOF MONK, in late March. Both the film and this new comic book are based on the original BULLETPROOF MONK miniseries, released in 1999 by Image Comics with groundbreaking artwork by POWERS co-creator Michael Avon Oeming.

Opening on April 16, BULLETPROOF MONK stars Chow Yun-Fat ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"), Seann William Scott ("American Pie," "Dude, Where's My Car?") and Jamie King ("Pearl Harbor" and "Blow"). The film adapts the original story by uniting the Bulletproof Monk and Kar in present-day urbanAmerica, where the Monk must escape his pursuers while passing on the secrets of the universe to an unknown successor.

BULLETPROOF MONK: TALES OF THE BULLETPROOF MONK #1 includes two prequel stories, plus an introduction to the Bulletproof Monk character. It alsofeatures a forward by Seann William Scott. Tim Sale provides covers for BULLETPROOF MONK: TALES OF THE BULLETPROOF MONK, which is formatted as a flip-book featuring two covers, and the interior art is by Oeming, Sale and Dave Johnson. The first story goes back to the origins of the current Bulletproof Monk, retracing part of his journey through the Japanese-Chinese War and World War II. The second tale takes readers all the way back to the beginning, before the modern-day Monk, to the Buddhist monasteries of 16th Century Tibet. Here, we learn of the Bulletproof Monk's links to the Dalai Lama and his original battle against the descendents of Genghis Khan.

BULLETPROOF MONK: TALES OF THE BULLETPROOF MONK #1 is solicited in the January issue of Previews (Volume XIII, #1) and is scheduled to reach comic book stores on March 26.

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